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It occurred to me today that my North American readers might also be interested in the book that accompanies More Than A Convenient Marriage? when it comes out in December.

Is it too cruel to switch up the story lines? Did you come here in search of the next excerpt in Adara and Gideon's crumbling marriage?

Well, as I've mentioned before, Adara is in Greece to look for her brother, Nic. He's the hero of No Longer Forbidden? This was my First Sale book and came out in the UK and Australia in January. I am sooo thrilled they've been paired up here in Canada and the US. Nic is your average tortured alpha billionaire (i.e. #PresentsHero) He really, really deserves a family and Rowan is determined to give him one.

I only put up two #SampleSundays for No Longer Forbidden? and one of them is a scene I wrote as a bonus scene when the book was released. You can read The Kiss That Change Everything here.

This sets up why Nic thinks Rowan is such a terribly spoiled brat. That kiss had consequences that leave him pretty hostile, as you'll start to see from the excerpt below:

~ * ~

Nicodemus Marcussen rose to shake hands with his lawyer, muscles aching with tension as he kept his reaction to all they’d discussed very much to himself.

“I know this is a difficult topic,” his lawyer tried.

Nic shook off the empathy with a cool blink and a private, No you don’t. Nic trusted Sebastyen, but only within the framework of the media conglomerate Nic had fought to run after Olief Marcussen’s disappearance. Sebastyen had been one of Nic’s first supporters, believing in Nic’s leadership skills despite his inexperience. Nic was grateful, but they weren’t friends. Nic eschewed close relationships of every kind.

“I appreciate your advice,” Nic said with aloof sincerity. Everything Sebastyen had presented was the height of practicality, outweighing any sentiment that might have held Nic back. “It’s definitely time to consider it as the anniversary approaches. I’ll let you know how I’d like to proceed,” he concluded in dismissal.

Sebastyen hovered, appearing to want to add something, but Nic glanced at his watch. His days were busy enough without social chit-chat.

“I only wanted to reiterate, it would be helpful if both next of kin agreed,” Sebastyen blurted.

“I understand,” Nic drawled, keeping the patronizing tone muted but heard. It was enough of a butt-out to have the lawyer nodding apologetically and making haste to leave.

Nic was quite sure the entire corporation along with the rest of the world followed the escapades of the other next of kin, but he wouldn’t abide open speculation about how he’d gain her cooperation.

The fact was, he already had an idea how he’d accomplish it. He’d been putting things together in his mind even as Sebastyen had been stating his case.

As Sebastyen closed the office door, Nic went back to his desk and the courier envelope he’d received this morning. Bills of every description came out by the handful, their disarray as fluttery and frivolous as the woman who’d racked them up. The forget-me-not notepaper was a particularly incongruous touch. He reread the swooping script:

My bank cards aren’t working. Kindly sort it out and send the new ones to Rosedale. I’m moving in this weekend for some downtime.

His initial reaction had been Downtime from what?! But for once Rowan’s self-serving behavior was a convenience to him. Since she hadn’t got the message when he’d stopped her credit cards two months ago, he’d confront her and do what Olief should have done years ago. Make her grow up and act responsibly for a change.

~ * ~

You can read a longer excerpt from Chapter Five here. They're making progress on learning to communicate and it's getting flirty.

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Which book would you like me to post from next week?

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An Heir To Bind Them, Book Three in this series has been accepted and will come out mid 2014. If you want to hear more about my writing and upcoming books, listen to my interview from Oct 17th with Bernadette Walsh at Nice Girls  Reading Naughty Books.