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I was really hoping to have my WIP finished by this point and I could be all braggy and chatty. Instead I'm this close to The End and screaming through gritted teeth like a woman in hard labor.

So you get a drive-by #Sample Sunday and I promise to report in as soon as I've hit SEND on this bad boy. VERY bad boy. Porter Navarro is one kinky dude.

Whom you will meet at another time. For the moment, we're revisiting Raoul and Sirena.

In our last excerpt, Raoul learns Sirena is pregnant. (Not exactly a spoiler. It's the opening scene.) Here Sirena comes to.

~ * ~

Sirena became aware of something pressed to her face. Clammy sweat coated her skin and a swirl of her ever-present nausea turned mercilessly inside her.

She lifted a heavy hand to dislodge whatever was smothering her and a voice said, “You fainted, Sirena. Take it easy for a minute.”

Opening her eyes, she saw John, the highly recommended lawyer who’d been perfunctory until she’d almost vomited in his wastebasket. She’d told him the father’s identity was irrelevant, but Raoul was glaring from beyond John’s shoulder with all the relevance of an unforgiving sun on a lost soul in the desert—and appeared about as sympathetic.

She had tried hard not to look at Raoul, former boss, brief lover, unsuspecting father. He was too...everything. Tall, dark, unabashedly urbane and sophisticated. Severe.


But of their own accord, her hungry eyes took in his appearance, her first opportunity in weeks. She catalogued his razor sharp charcoal suit, the solid black tie. His jaw was freshly shaved for his morning appointment, his dark hair recently cut into the sternly simple style of a career businessman.

And there were his eyes, the gray irises stormy and full of condemnation as he snared hers in an unbreakable stare.

John asked, “Is there any pain? You don’t appear to be miscarrying, but we’ve called an ambulance.”

Sirena flashed a terrified glance back to Raoul. It was a mistake. She realized immediately that he’d read it for what it was: an admission of guilt. A betrayal of truth.

Clenching her perfidious eyes closed, she willed him not to pick up on what had been revealed, but he was the most acutely intelligent person she’d ever met. He missed nothing.

If he knew she was carrying his baby, there’d be another fight. Considering what this current contest had taken out of her, she wasn’t ready for another. She wouldn’t, couldn’t, let him think he had a right to custody of her child.

“Sirena,” Raoul said in that dark chocolate voice of his.

Her skin rippled in a pleasurable shiver of recognition. Two years of hearing every intonation in that voice left her with the knowledge that her name on his lips right now was an implacable warning.

“Look at me,” he commanded.

Sirena reached blindly for John’s hand, clenching her icy fingers on his warm, dry ones. Beneath the oxygen mask, her voice was hollow and whisper thin.

“Tell him to leave me alone or I’ll take out a restraining order.”

~ * ~

Not a very long excerpt. Sorry about that, but it's the end of the chapter. Please tune in next week and I'll make sure you get a nice, juicy bite of the story.

Now, last week I was a pants-on-fire liar. I said the book was already available at: Mills & Boon UK. It disappeared off the UK site the next day and hasn't been seen since. It's not like Sirena to storm off in a huff. She's typically very dependable. I suspect the elves in M&B's workshop were eager to get away for their own holidays and pressed a button prematurely, only to correct their error later. I suspect it will return to Mills & Boon UK and appear on eHarlequin and Mills & Boon Aus this week.

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