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Cover Reveal - Taken By The Raider

I have a #SampleSunday below from the baby swap books, but wanted to share this new cover I received for my Bad Boy Short that will release Feb 11th!

Here's the blurb:

The first time Aubrey Hargrave was “acquired” by corporate raider Griffen Woodlock, she was unable to resist his potent sexuality. She made the fatal mistake of mixing business with pleasure, but had to end their passionate affair to save her father’s reputation—and her heart.

At 20, Griffen pushed his abusive father out of his CEO position to take the chair himself. Aside from indulging his passion for beautiful women, Griffen hasn’t made an emotional decision since. When Aubrey cuts short their white-hot affair, he tells himself she can easily be replaced. Except she can’t.

Discovering Aubrey’s family secret gives Griffen the power to force a second take-over, but he intends to seize more than her business. He wants her.

Intrigued? It will be on all platforms by Feb 11th, but for now it's available for pre-order here:
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Update on Dani's Wrist

Thank you for all your good thoughts and wishes for my speedy recovery.

My 'sprained' wrist is actually a fracture. It doesn't hurt unless I do something stupid (like pick up a milk jug.) I talked the doctor into a splint instead of a cast and it hasn't slowed my typing too much. Maybe a few more tie pose. And I have stopped shovelling the driveway.

At least our weather warmed up and I was able to walk on bare roads today (no ice!) It's been grey and socked in for a few days now, which makes me a little blue going into the weekend. I know! Who is ever depressed at the weekend? I think I just need a nap.

Check out the snowman that my daughter and her boyfriend made for us over Christmas. That's how I feel. Just ... want... to ... lie... down....

Bestseller - The Marriage He Must Keep

Thank you, Dear Readers! it was such a delight to catch The Marriage He Must Keep in the #1 spot this week. I so appreciate your putting it there!

The Marriage He Must Keep is on shelves now and available online at all these ebook & print retailers:

Amazon: US | CA | UK
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SampleSunday - The Consequence He Must Claim

This excerpt is from the second book in The Wrong Heirs duet, The Consequence He Must Claim (available now on the Mills & Boon site!) How much do you love the Sexy cover below? I think it's my favourite. I love the way they changed her dress to red. But I also think Sorcha in the Modern cover is so beautiful!

Here Cesar is trying to convince Sorcha to marry him despite the fact he doesn't love her. He doesn't know she loved him for all those years she worked for him. It's why she slept with him the day she gave him her notice. Also, Cesar lost his memory of that entire week.

~ * ~

“What would you get from the union?” she asked warily.

“Besides my son?” he asked facetiously. “A wife who excites me sexually.” His brows went up when she gasped. “Why does that surprise you? I slept with you that day because I’d been attracted to you from the first time we met. That much I know without question. You know what else I know?”

She caught her breath, shaking her head, scenting danger as he came around to the open side of her hospital bed.

“You wouldn’t have let anything happen between us if you hadn’t been suppressing the same attraction. You know what I keep thinking? You were quitting because you were jealous of Diega. Sexually. You knew that once I married, you and I would never sleep together. I knew that. It was bothering me. I wasn’t ready to get engaged because I had promised you to myself before I went off the market.”

“Do you hear how arrogant you are?” she managed to reply, heart stumbling. “You were planning to make me your last hurrah? That’s incredibly insulting.”

He ran his gaze over her in a way that drew the blanket down, exposing her to his roving eye. “I’ve always expected we’d be very compatible. How was it?”

“Are you serious?” She burned alive as he shoved her back into that sensual fire with a look. “Ask Diega. She seems to have all the details on what we did that day.”

“The things I let you say to me,” he muttered, touching her chin to force her to look up into his eyes.

All the emotions she used to be able to disguise in a blink flooded behind her eyes with hard pressure. She couldn’t breathe.

“Of all the memories I’ve lost, the most maddening is not remembering what it’s like to make love to you. I cannot wait for our do-over.” He bent and covered her lips with his own, hard, but not hurtful. He seemed to catch himself at the last second and decide whether he wanted to plunder or merely sample.

Maybe he was waiting for a rush of memory, trying to remember how their first kisses had tasted. She remembered. She wanted to protest and turn away from his kiss, but her body knew him in a primal way that made her soften in welcome. Her hand lifted to caress the stubble on his cheek, urging him to linger, playing her mouth against his in invitation.

With a gruff sound deep in his throat, he took control of the kiss and ravaged, but gently, his stubbled beard lightly abrading her skin. He claimed in a way that felt familiar, yet new. He stole, but gave back at the same time, started to pull away, then returned as if he couldn’t help himself. The teasing sent flutters of arousal through her, burning her blood to the ends of her limbs, making her fingers and toes tingle. It was disconcerting to become so aroused when she was hardly in a state to make love.

It was so amazing, though. She never wanted him to stop, but he finally did with a few soft, wet bites of his teeth catching at her lips.

He drew back enough to see into her eyes. His gaze was disturbed, frustrated yet excited. Hot with desire. They were both breathing heavily.

“Seriously,” he said in a quiet rasp. “How was it?”

~ * ~

I think I love this one even more than The Marriage He Must Keep because Cesar is so mad about his memory loss. And Sorcha is pretty sarcastic . I really enjoyed writing this book.

You can pre-order The Consequence He Must Claim here. It will deliver auto-magically on Feb 1:

Amazon: US | CA | UK | Aus | Nook | Kobo | iBooks | GooglePlay | BAM | Mills & Boon | Harlequin

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