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I feel like I'm all over the place today. I'd check my horoscope to see if there's an explanation, but I can't even get it together to do that much. Sheesh! I'll go for a walk after I post this and see if that helps clear the cobwebs.


Meanwhile, welcome to #SampleSunday and installment #5 from An Heir To Bind Them. I'll post one more excerpt next weekend, which will fall on official launch day. Yay!

Then I'll have some blog tour posts for the first couple of weeks of June before I start up my #SampleSundays for my three (yes three) August books.

Actually, want to hear a secret? I spent the morning gathering all the info on my summer books to have some bookmarks printed. Including this June book and my novella for The Chatsfield Series, I have five books coming out this summer. Maybe this is the reason I'm all over the place?

And, she said in a confiding tone, if all goes as planned, September through December will be almost as chock-a-block. Of course, I have to actually write one of them.

Switching gears abruptly... this is what I'm talking about. No real sense of order or flow today. However...

If you missed any of the previous posts in this series, they're here:

  1. Prologue and Opening Scene in which Theo has his baby niece and nephew in his helicopter and tries to find Jaya to help him with their care. Then a fall back in time eighteen months to Jaya quitting her job at the Makricosta Hotel chain. She has just entered Theo's suite to tell him goodbye.

  2. Theo and Jaya almost kiss

  3. Theo and Jaya do kiss

  4. Theo and Jaya do more than kiss

Confession time. I wasn't thinking about #SampleSunday when I wrote a love scene into my opening. We're into adult content here...

~ * ~

He set a sweet kiss on her chin while his hand climbed under her gathered skirt and learned the style and texture of her mood-killing matronly underpants.

She opened her mouth, thoughts scattering in a dozen directions by arousal and conflicting misgivings. Her mind refused to fix on anything let alone a clear yes or no.

Before she could form words, he shifted enough to cover her mound with a compelling rock of his hand. Stars shot behind the backs of her eyes.

“Like that?” he murmured, licking her neck and easing his touch to a lighter caress through the layer of cotton. Just a soft trace against a very intimate place that made her pulse with need. “Softer? Tell me what you like.”

“I didn’t come here for this,” she managed to whisper, aware that she was becoming completely abandoned, letting her legs fall open to his incredible facility with a woman’s body. Wanting whatever he’d give her. “But it feels so good.”

“I know. Hate me later, but right now can I keep doing this? You’re so incredible…”

He kissed her neck and sidled his touch beneath the cotton, knowing exactly what he was doing in a way that should have alarmed her, but she didn’t care. At this moment, she really didn’t care about anything except that he keep his attention on that exquisite bunch of nerves tangled into a signal that sent ripples outward through her abdomen. He wasn’t in any hurry, seeming to luxuriate in circling and stroking, driving her crazy.

She bit at his lips, dying, wild, loving his touch and him for giving her this amazing build of pleasure, this incessant desire for physical contact with a man.

He said sinful things about what he wanted to do to her, sucked her nipple and said, “Let me kiss you here. I want to lick you. It’ll be so good, Jaya—”

“No,” she gasped. Her horror was pure, latent shyness, but the idea of him doing that was so wickedly intriguing her arousal spiked to something she couldn’t contain. Convulsively trying to close her legs, she could only squeeze his wide, masculine hips, unable to stop what he was doing. She couldn’t catch back her uninhibited response. Her only choice was complete surrender to him and her body’s sharp need.

Her reward was a deep throb of sheer joy expanding through her in shuddering waves. Her throat filled with a cry of release that was more than just physical. It was emotional triumph. Freedom from the past. Joy at a man’s touch.


Incredible tenderness made her slither in sweet lassitude beneath him, loving the hard strength of him, the disheveled intensity holding him tense as she ran her fingers into his hair. She made him lift his head so she could look at him.

It was painfully intimate to let him look into her eyes when she had just shattered so completely. His hand stilled where he still had it tucked against her mons and an internal ache made her long to beg him to continue stroking her.

“Thank you,” she whispered, hoping he put down her shiny eyes to arousal.

A slow, wicked grin spread across his face. “Stick around. There’s more where that came from.” He punctuated with a gentle, deliberate caress that slid low and penetrated her pulsing channel.
She tightened, part of her reaction instinctual resistance, but the sensation of clasping his thick finger was so delicious she moaned and lifted her hips a little, encouraging more.

“Ah, Jaya…” His hot mouth opened in a wet kiss against her neck and he deepened his possession of her.

“Wait,” she gasped, still clasping his head and this time clutching him close with her arms hard on his shoulders while she stared at the back of the sofa. Was she really going to do this? Her body was on fire while her mind was cleaving in all directions.

He removed his hand from her underpants and she moaned in loss.

“It’s okay,” he murmured, skimming his lips against her jaw before he lifted his head and removed her hand from his hair. “You don’t have to rip my hair out. This has gone further than you wanted to, I get it.”

“No, I—” Disconcerted, she dropped her twitching fingers to his shoulders, sorry she’d hurt him, sorry she’d lost his exquisite caresses. She didn’t want this to end, not yet. This was her chance to get over her past. “I have a pill in my room. One that, um, prevents a pregnancy after, um, unprotected sex.” Please don’t ask me why I have it.

Her voice faded toward the end. She was grossly unsure of herself and given how he’d pulled away, maybe he wasn’t all that invested. He became very grave as he pondered what she’d said, making her hold her breath.

“I always wear a condom.”

Disappointment sliced surprisingly deep. She swallowed and nodded. “I understand. It’s okay. Like you said, this isn’t something we intended, so—”

“No, I mean I’m clean. I’ve never gone bareback so you don’t have to worry I’d give you anything.”

“I…” Had tests. Again, she didn’t want to think about Saranya taking her to the doctor once she’d got her out of India. That dark time was being overcome, here, tonight, with this man. “I’m clean, too.”

He searched her face. She recognized the glaze of concentration in his eyes as a passionate force. It nearly squeezed the air right out of her.

“Swear to me you’ll take that pill.” His lips barely moved.

“My family would take out a contract on me if I had a baby outside of marriage.”

He held himself in steely control and she could almost hear the computations of risk against desire. “I don’t want to be a father. Ever. If you’re thinking this might lead to something—”

“No!” she insisted, casting for the right words. “It’s like you said about not wanting to think about certain things. I want something different in my mind.” A new memory. A good one. “A baby would be a disaster. But I want to feel…you,” she ended in a whisper.

His nostrils flared as he drew a deep breath, his nod brief and sharp before he pulled away, gathering her up as he found his feet. The strength in him as he lifted her and held her cradled to his chest made bells ring in her ears, but she found herself curling her arm around his neck and burying her face into the masculine scent in the crook near his shoulder.

~ * ~

Whew! Right? I'll give you a minute to collect yourself before I launch into my sales pitch.

Breathing steady now? Great. Here goes:

An Heir To Bind Them is live on the Mills & Boon UK site and eHarlequin and showing on Mills & Boon Aus.

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