#SadSunday - Leaving Australia

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I'm preparing to leave my sister and her adopted home of Brisbane today.


It's bittersweet. I've had such a great time with her family and especially my nephew and niece (three and one.) Oh, they've been so fun and funny.

(But work! I won't kid you. I'm very much looking forward to my teenagers who make their own breakfast, put on their own shoes and don't walk in on me when I'm showering.)

And I can't deny that I'm looking forward to sleeping in my own bed and getting back to work. Writing has been a real challenge with little fingers so eager to help Auntie Dani with her lap top. (Note: We've been coaxing the fourteen-month-old to say "Auntie Dani" and she's shortened it to Dantie.)

Even though I haven't managed to write many new words while I've been away (for an entire month), I have finished copy edits on three books! One Harlequin Presents (The Sheikh's Sinful Seduction, March 2015) and my two upcoming Tule books, Hometown Hero and Blame The Mistletoe.


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I have notes and notes on conference workshops to turn into blog posts and I'm super-excited to say I have a plan for my next several books! That much has been scribbled into a notebook.

I know many of you are waiting for Demitri's story, the fourth and last in the Makricosta series. It's still only about half-completed, but I've outlined how I want the second half to go. It's a matter of planting my butt in my chair at home. I'm as anxious as you are, believe me!

Today (August 17th) is also the end of my Masked Desires contest.

I've had a wonderful response to the Dani Collins Masked Desires Contest! I can't wait to announce the winner, but I fear it may not happen until the 19th.

I am packing on Sunday the 17th in Australia, which is stil the 16th back home. Then I travel starting early on the 18th here (still the 17th in North America.) It will be the longest Monday of my life as I fly sixteen hours to Los Angeles then take some hops and skips north and finally--if my husband has not had me declared dead for being gone so long--he will pick me up and drive me another two hours to my very own bed.

So please forgive me if it takes a day or two to post the winner's name on Facebook and here.

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I'll write again later this week once I'm properly home and settled, to announce the contest winners. Have a great weekend!