RWA 2013 - Wednesday Cont'd

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I've written three posts on the conference, not counting the one about my conference preparations. I know, it was very busy. If you've missed the previous three, they're here:

In this post, I'm still on Wednesday, the first full day I was in Atlanta. You're probably starting to get a sense why we don't bother bringing spouses or children. It's busy!

After the mini-conference, I attended the Librarian Networking Event. Fortunately I had homework from my good friends with Westcoast Romance Authors, a group of published authors who put out a newsletter for librarians and booksellers. They asked me to interview a few librarians and write up a suitable article on what they get from attending. I won't repeat the article here, but if you are a librarian, bookseller, or interested individual, please contact me through my contact page and I'll get you subscribed to that newsletter.

I was waiting for Cathryn to arrive and expected to find her in the HAN presentation which is the digital database Harlequin uses to service their authors. I didn't find Cathryn, but it was a worthwhile session that taught me a few tricks about what I can find on there that I hadn't known previously (mostly industry news and how to update my bio and other content).

I also inadvertently sat down with Joanne Grant, Senior Editor for Harlequin Presents, i.e., the woman who waves the magic wand to publish my books. She was also kind enough to escort me after the session to find Megan Haslam, my editor until about a month ago, whom I was scheduled to have a drink with. (I've since been switched to Laurie Johnson and love her too. They're all fabulous.)

Megan and I had some great laughs as she described participating in something called the Moonwalk in London, which is a breast cancer fundraiser that essentially has fifteen thousand people walking a marathon through the night. It sounded pretty gruelling, but she got to cross it off her bucket list.

Two gin and tonics later, I was ready to cross something off my own bucket list: the Literacy Signing. I didn't expect to sell a lot of books. The room was full of two hundred authors and most were there for the NYT Bestsellers, but the energy was amazing and I was incredibly thrilled when one of the librarians I'd spoken with earlier in the day rushed up to say, "I want your book!" Personal relationships sell books, people.

Cathryn Parry finally turned up with her good friend and roommate (and one of my favourite people), Blaze author, Karen Foley. I also had a surprise visit from Nancy Warren who I hadn't seen since leaving the lower mainland, so that fabulous and we immediately made plans to catch up.

You'd think I would be exhausted by then and I was. With the time change, I'd been up since before five body-clock time and hadn't slept well. However, I'd been invited to Sandra Marton's suite for a pizza party with some of the Presents authors and I really wanted to go, since I hadn't yet had much opportunity to get to know them.

I could name drop the dickens out of that ninety minutes: Jane Porter, Sharon Kendrick, Lynn Raye Harris, and--this will sound funny--but Melody Ann's assistant, Nicole. But Melody Ann was there too and was the sweetest person ever, I was just burnt to the bone by the time we were introduced so we didn't talk long. There were tons of others coming and going, but it was past my bedtime and I hadn't yet spent any time with my roommate, Natasha, so I went 'home' and visited with her while she unpacked.

Next up: RWA 2013 - Thursday