RWA 2013 - Thursday

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I was just bragging in a previous post about how I'm going to clean my office floor, etc., but I've decided to power through these posts and schedule them as my week in Atlanta is all becoming a blur. If you've missed some of the previous posts, they're here:

The big agenda item on the Thursday was my workshop with Cathryn Parry. Last year in Annaheim, she and I were talking about how important it's been for both of us to learn the different between writing and publishing. (Writing = Joy, Publishing = Insanity) Apparently I said, "Cathryn, we should do a workshop on this."

One year later, here we were, talking about The Joy Of Writing, With Or Without A Contract.

Small break here to point out what a goof I am: Before we did this workshop, Cathryn said, "And we're not supposed to listen to ourselves on the tape afterward." No problem there! Then she said, "Remind me to order my tapes." I said, "Isn't that what is on the flash drive in our registration packet?"

Yes, I really said that, before we had done the workshop.

Which makes you question how much inspiration I could possibly provide for an audience of disheartened writers, but hey, coping strategy #1 is Have A Sense Of Humour.

To that end, get a load of this irony: One of the reasons Cathryn and I are so good at overcoming the bruising that publishing can deliver through rejections and bad reviews is  because we came out of the American Title contest rather battered. We had put our unpublished selves on the line quite publicly and didn't come away with a contract. That left us both feeling rather unsuccessful and it was a rough recovery.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger and this is why we only laughed when we learned who was in the next room where it was Standing Room Only. Before we were knocked out of the American Title Competition, one of our fellow authors was cut and she bounced back very well. She now writes as Bella Andre.

We still had about thirty or forty in our own audience and lots of great questions after. You can listen to the tape and let me know if it went as well as I thought, but what a load off to get that finished so early in the conference. (Yes, this is still early days. We've got Friday and Saturday to get through!)

After gathering our things, we marched straight up to the bar (at 11am) and ordered mimosas to celebrate our success. We've come a long way, Cathryn. Cheers!

I lunched at Ray's In The City, which was not at the Ritz Carleton as I believed, therefore I arrived late and all the rest of the Presents editors and authors were already there. It was a wonderful lunch and really, really nice to get to know editors Bryony Green and Flo Nicoll who were on either side of me. Sharon Kendrick was across and she tells a hilarious story.

This is something I often forget about hanging out with writers; we're all a bit geeky, but we're all storytellers so there's never a dull moment.

I walked back to the hotel with Maisey Yates who has been really sweet to me this first year of being published, answering a lot of newbie questions I had.

I'm looking through my notes, but I don't think I got to any workshops that afternoon. Seems to me I found Cathryn and Karen and we camped in the bar for an hour until I was due to go for dinner with Jennifer Fusco and Melanie Meadors of Market Or Die.

I have a somewhat insane schedule for the next year and wanted to give them a heads up on that and get some tips on what types of promotion I should work into my marketing strategy. Along with blog tours, they have me scheduled for a couple of blog radio spots in August and February. We talked about repurposing content (eg. adding links to the bottom of blog tour posts 'for more info on Dani and her books.') They are very smart ladies, plus funny and fun so it was an awesome dinner.

Afterward, it was wine with Natasha in our room. Cathryn and Karen came by and we all shared the bits of gossip and things that make us go, Hmmm, before I kicked them out because I had an early breakfast meeting.