RWA 2013 - Overview

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If you receive this twice in your inbox, I apologize. I didn't tag it correctly when I posted it. I'm your average gong show right now.

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You'll see that I started this post on my way home from Atlanta. My office is a sty, I'm behind at the day job, I haven't finished unpacking, and I have a proposal due by end of the month which is really this weekend for me. So these blog posts will be hit and miss, but my intentions are good :)

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Good morning. It’s Sunday, July 21, 6:44 am Atlanta time and I’m in the airport, on my way home from the RWA National conference. My nails are still too long for typing comfortably, but I’m hideously early for my flight. And, even though I don’t usually target my blog posts toward writers, I have a lot of writer followers and heck, it’s always fun to get a sneak peek at the romance writer's inner world, right?

So I thought I’d offer up a play by play of my conference experience. I’ll start out chronologically, but knowing myself, I’ll wind up jumping around to get the full story told. Apparently I think in hyperlinks.

Tuesday, July 15 - Departure

Spokane is a fabulous airport and a comfortable drive so I flew out from there. Mercury was retrograde, but I had booked my travel when all systems were go, so I expected a few small delays, but not too many. I left the house and immediately noticed I’d stolen the garage door opener. Dirty trick, I know. And had I realized I’d be waiting at the border for thirty minutes, I probably would have turned around, but I was too excited.

All the flying went fine, but I hadn’t really processed the time change. I knew I was getting in late, near midnight, but I had read that the Marta—Atlanta’s rapid transit—would take me right into the hotel. So I bravely got myself onto it, even figuring out how to buy a round trip on the Breeze card.

The only hitch was, when I got off at my stop, I was the only person on the platform. I was in the bowels of the subway, it was hot and, well, you know what they smell like especially in a humid climate. For the first few seconds I just walked back and forth listening to my own hollow footsteps thinking, You dumb hick. What have you done?

But I got myself up a level and a pair of women directed me to street level and finally I was among people and a friendly man in a Marta uniform told me to turn left and right and left and I’d be at my hotel.

Longest walk of my life. Especially when a very friendly gal offered to escort me and explained that she needed nine fifty for the homeless shelter. I gave it to her, of course I did, and I hate myself a little bit because I’m sure it was going to drugs, not food. Sadly, that’s me. I want to believe people are telling the truth.

Anyway, between the empty subway, the heartbreaking conversation, and the moral decision that I’m still questioning, I wound up kind of off center by the time I got into my room.

Oh, and it turns out the Marta doesn’t run early enough for this flight so my roommate and I had to hire a car this morning and leave both our return trip Breeze cards for housekeeping. Another rookie move.

Fortunately, the rest of the conference went so well I want to come back again and again so I’m pretty sure I’ll get better at figuring out the best travel tricks.

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Stay tuned for more conference coverage. I'm also trying to fix the link to the More Than A Convenient Marriage? page.