RWA 2013 - Friday

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As said in my previous post, Jennifer Fusco of Market Or Die is amazing. I met her in Annaheim last year when I attended RWA right after I sold. I didn't have the first clue how to market myself and she helped me brand myself--Pursuing Happily Ever After, One Page At A Time--and has done a ton of other work for me, including some suggestions for improving this website which I have yet to find the time to execute.

Small disclaimer: I have realized that marketing is one of those beasts you cannot slay. There is no 'finished' when it comes to promotion. There's always one more thing you could do. However, Jennifer is working really hard to find the strategies that pay off best so I'm really thrilled to be working with her.

Also, she bought me dinner then breakfast. We had to be there at seven in the morning, but it was worth it to meet some of her other clients and hear about some of the things she has planned including MarCon2013, a one day conference on marketing to be held in New York October 5th. I sat beside Sara Humphreys who was absolutely lovely and she'll also be speaking at that October event. (I'm still debating going, but my husband changed jobs so can't come with. We wanted to do a Turning Of The Leaves tour, but doesn't look like that'll happen.)

Jennifer gave out a few doorprizes. I won the sock monkey above, made by Melanie who you can see in the background. But since my kids are in high school and new Blaze author Sara Jane Stone was away from her very small children for the first time in three years, I gave it to her. (Don't tell my daughter.)

After breakfast I had another bucket list moment: the Harlequin Signing. Here I am with Jane Porter (yes, I'm shamelessly name dropping again) and Megan Crane, who writes for Presents as Caitlin Crews. She is made of awesome.

P1090203After this, I had a wonderful visit with a friend from my first Golden Heart Final, Bridget Hodder. We'd lost touch over the last few years, but recently began catching up online so this was a treat that we were able to chat in person.

Now, to all you scoffers who think astrology is a load of hooey, get this. I happened to mention to Bridget that mercury was retrograde so it brings a lot of old friends together. We then went into the Awards Luncheon where I introduced her to Cathryn and Karen and, yeah, they knew each other from way back. So there. The stars don't lie.

Now, I've just reviewed my notes on where I went next and realized I missed an important workshop I attended before the signing, but it will make a nice post to talk about it with where I went after lunch. Read my next post entitled, RWA 2013 - Indie vs Trad.

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