Road Trip Review

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I've had a VERY busy weekend. I drove to Vancouver on Friday (seven hours) and managed to get a few photos along the way so I wanted to share them with you. Here's the gorgeous day outside of Princeton:


I visited briefly with some very dear friends in my old hometown before meeting another longtime girlfriend for dinner, wine, and all the girl talk a woman could want. As per usual, I was too busy gabbing to take a selfie with her.

To those of you who subscribe to my newsletter - I am such a liar! I promised photos from my workshop and I totally forgot to ask anyone to take my photo. In my defense, I was visiting with friends I hadn't seen in years and, again, gabbing.

I swear, if I ever remembered to take photos in these situations, you'd just see the back of my throat anyway. I'm a gabber!

Immediately after the workshop I leapt into my vehicle and hit the road home. (Another seven hours.) At least it stayed light out for the first five.

And the way the light hit the landscape made the colors look different. These two photos are taken from the same spot, looking each direction:



Cool, right? I thought so. I stopped for one more as the light was fading completely:


I'll be honest. I was starting to worry about wildlife as I jumped out to snap these. Bears are real, people. I've seen them through here more than once.

I was also in a hurry to get home. The girlfriend I usually bunk with when I visit the coast was actually bringing her son here to visit mine. So she was here and I was there. I got here and, being someone who knows how to entertain, let her listen in as my husband and I negotiated our way through several bathroom reno details. We even took her to the local building center to sit in tubs. This is the kind of hospitality you can expect in our house. High end stuff.

Then we binged on Veronica Mars. I won't tell you how many episodes we watched. It's embarassing.

She's leaving today and MrC and I have a date to visit another bathroom reno outlet. Unfortunately, I'm starting to feel squirrely since this is Day Four without writing. Things could get testy over brushed nickel versus chrome fixtures.

Meanwhile, I was so busy driving and visiting and watching Veronica Mars, I forgot to tell you about this fun event you can check out:

The Romance Reviews Anniversary Party

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I also have some excerpts from The Bachelor's Baby running on Eye On Romance, but I think you have to subscribe.

I should receive my author copies for Seduced Into The Greek's World soon. I just saw my UK cover. Here they both are. What do you think?


We have to leave for the reno place pretty quick here. I'll just remind you that The Sheikh's Sinful Seduction is still in stores and looks like this.


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Happy Monday!