Reviews - The Secret Beneath The Veil

ReviewsThe Secret Beneath The Veil

I'm super thrilled with the reviews I've seen on Amazon and Goodreads for The Secret Beneath The Veil. Thank you!

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From Amazon:

"This was a story I couldn't stop thinking about throughout the day when I wasn't able to continue reading while at work, which seems to be a trademark of Collins ability for great storytelling. Several of her previous books have stayed with me and that's the reason she's become such a favorite of mine. If you're in need of an escapist read then you'll enjoy this one too."


"Good grief. No one gets straight to my heart like Dani Collins! This story was an emotional rollercoaster ride that didn't stop until the very end. Flawless writing with never a dull moment. Absolutely loved it."

From Goodreads:

"I was hooked from page one on this exciting twist on an arranged marriage plot!"


"The Secret Beneath the Veil has everything you need in a story; the dramatic scenes at the beginning, the continued exciting ride as Vi and Mikolas get to know and almost trust each other, the suspense with Vi's step dad, the emotion of Vi and Mikolas falling in love, the angst when Vi realises it's a lost cause... Absolutely loved this story and couldn't recommend it enough. 6 stars!"

Thank you so much!

Did you know that honest reviews are super helpful to authors? On the retail platforms they help in ranking and visibility and, of course, help readers to decide whether they'd like to try a particular title. If you have the time, please leave a review. On behalf of my fellow authors, we're eternally grateful!

Other News

I've been teasing quite a bit about my Christmas book, but honestly, I'm trying to hold off as long as I can because the holiday bombardment will start soon enough. Things are coming together behind the scenes very nicely, but I'll save telling you about it for another post.

This week, I've been playing catch up from being away in Oregon. I'm making good headway on my To Do list, But I also did the forbidden. I began writing a Presents that comes out after the one that is due in a few weeks. I know. Gasp!

In my defence, these are the final two stories in the Sauveterre Siblings quartet. I needed to know some things about that final story and the youngest sister before I could continue Ramon and Isidora's story.

Starting today, I'm kicking butt on word count for Ramon and Isidora, trying to find them their HEA. It won't be easy. Isidora had a crush on Ramon from an early age and he was a real jerk to her. She is not in the mood to forgive.

Luckiest Day Of The Year

As you may already know, I'm a bit of a junkie for astrology. Apparently tomorrow, Sunday Sept 25, 2016, is the luckiest day of the year when Jupiter (gifts and luck) brushes elbows with the sun (life and strength.)

It's supposed to be a good time to launch something important. Do I have a book ready? No, dang it, I don't. But the new moon next Friday (in libra) is also supposed to be a good time to start something new, so I'm waiting to start writing a new book then.

I'm going to try to buy a lotto ticket tomorrow. Of course, now you probably will too. Hopefully we'll both win.

Either way, I expect it means everyone's weekend will be stellar. Enjoy!