(Re)Release of Mastering Her Role and Playing Her Master

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I'm excited to announce that I was given my rights back for my erotic romances. They were previously published as The Dani Collins Erotic Romance Collection. Now they're single titles and I published them indie-style. That means I was able to put Playing The Master into Kindle Unlimited.

Playing The Master

In a week, timid Ann Parker will belong to the coldly handsome Porter Navarro—a marriage arranged by her vicious stepfather.

But when she’s secretly made over and presented to Porter as “Violet,” she is initiated into his world of dark, exquisite delights. One where he is master. But it’s only as Violet that Ann tastes true freedom.

And her liberation will cost not only her sensual teacher, but the man she’s grown to love...

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Mastering Her Role

Arianne has it bad for her friend and neighbour, Jason. Unfortunately, rumour has it that Jason has a kinky side, and Arianne’s inner freak is still hiding in the closet.

To level the playing field, Arianne asks Jason to introduce her to his friend Dominic — a sexually dominant instructor in the ways of pleasure. Soon Arianne begins her lessons of sexuality, lust, and being thoroughly and deliciously ravished. But behind his mask, Dominic seems awfully familiar...

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Why did I put Playing The Master into Kindle Unlimited? Primarily as a selling tool. There are a lot of readers who like to try before they buy. This gives them the chance to discover me and hopefully they'll look for my other work afterward.

Mastering Her Role is on all digital platforms. You know those times where you think, "I'll do this one task," and you realize you have to do something else first, but first you have to do that other thing and it snowballs from there? That was me. Loading this onto other publishers turned into upgrading my laptop to El Capitan and for a while I was fearful I'd broken my computer completely.

I'm back on track now, though, and if you prefer other platforms, the links are above.

Other News

More revisions came in Friday, but they're not too onerous. I'm almost finished my the first draft of my 2016 Christmas book for Montana Born, then I'm excited to start a project with a couple of my Presents author friends. More on that when I'm allowed to tell, but join my newsletter to be the first to hear!

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