Remembering Danielle


Today should be a Thursday Thirteen post, but October 10th is always a hard day for me as I remember a beautiful young girl who didn't quite make it to her thirteenth birthday.

I have loads of nice things to share that have happened in my life lately, plenty to be grateful for as we head into this time of thanks, but I will save telling you about them for another time. Today is Danielle's, because she didn't get the rest of her life to become a writer like me, the way she wanted to.

Danielle was very close to my daughter in many ways, especially in age. For the last six years, my daughter has hit all the milestones that Danielle should have shared with her and there's a certain poignancy attached to that. It reminds me to be extra grateful. To cherish everything a teensy bit more.

And lessons. There are many lessons when you lose a loved one.

My last memory of Danielle was of her and my daughter walking toward me on a crisp fall day, two conspirators giggling and angled together as they walked. They hadn't seen each other in weeks and were so happy to be together. I hurried my daughter along. Dad was waiting.

Don't hurry, people. Cherish. Count your blessings every day, not just this coming Monday.

Live, because it really is a gift. Enjoy your time with your family and take car this weekend as you travel to see them.