Recap and What's Next

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I just did the math--'cause I have time for that--and July 3rd was the mid-point of the year. Whew! It flew right by and now I'm looking at what's coming for the rest of the year.

To recap (and yes, brag a bit), No Longer Forbidden? bookends (bwa-ha-ha) my year by coming out in the UK in January and it will be part of a 2 for 1 in December here in North America.

The Healer came out in March and I haven't seen any reviews online. If you know of any, please point me toward them.

This month, Proof Of Their Sin came out. I've figured out that promo works best if you build it before the actual release date, but technically I'm still promoting it. More on that when I get to What's Next.

In the first half of the year, I also signed a contract for two erotic romances--more on that when the details become available--and Shared Whispers went from being a fun indie-project to a signed contract with Champagne. I had my fourth Harlequin Presents accepted and just got some feedback on a partial for the fifth.

The first half of 2013 has been non-stop!

What's Next:

I'm so very excited to be attending RWA National next week. As said, I'm still promoting Proof Of Their Sin and I'll be doing two signings with it, one at the literacy fundraiser, the other as part of Harlequin's author signing. I'm also giving a workshop with my super, uber, goddess-pal Cathryn Parry. And yes, there might be a few other incredibly cool perks coming my way like the Harlequin Party, the Presents Lunch, breakfast with the MODAS gals and a drink with my editor from my first three books, Megan.

I shall post photos upon my return, I promise!

As for the rest of the year, I have two books to turn in by the end of the year for sure, plus  a third that is a rumour which hasn't gone to contract yet. (I know what you're thinking and no, I didn't start the rumour myself.)

More Than A Convenient Marriage? will come out in December, so I'll have blog tours and giveaways for that. I don't know the release date on the first erotica, but I'm trying to mentally prepare a promotion plan in case it comes out between now and the end of the year. Oh, and I have two articles to write for the RWR, which is the trade publication for Romance Writers of America.

I'm working on a Career Plan. One aspect is deciding which books I'd like to finish when. I'm also looking at conferences, trying to figure out which ones I could use as an excuse to see really cool places. Sadly, I haven't found any in Tuscany. I may resort to hosting one there myself.

For the most part, my Career Plan is to work my butt off for the next three years. Coincidentally, my youngest will graduate high school three years from now so yeah, all bets will be off. Well, not all bets. You can bet I'll be writing and, fingers crossed, publishing.

Then I have all those little tasks like updating my website, buying a new printer and monitor, starting a Street Team and cleaning my desk(!)

Some of you may wonder why I never talk about my personal life. I don't have one, lol!

Actually, my writing is my personal life. I have a 'real' job and I like it, but I don't talk about where I work because they don't pay me to promote their products with my own. I have a very loving (and long-suffering) husband who has yet to accept my friend request on Facebook. He doesn't want to be online so I don't drag him here. My kids are very understanding of Mom's writing, but it impacts them enough without my using them as subjects for stories. Although, they have amazing senses of humour so it's fairly criminal that I only get eye-rolls if I beg, "Can I tweet that?"

We don't have a dog, I hate our cat, we don't live on a lake but I look at it from our kitchen window. We don't boat, but I like to beach. I enjoy golf and gardening, but they've fallen by the wayside as the publishing commitments have crept in. I'm a libra, I'd prefer to be vegetarian, and I am not a natural blond.

See, I'm not that interesting anyway. Might as well just talk about the books. And if you don't hear much from me on even that in the next while, you'll know why.