Radio West Interview

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For those who missed it, here's a link to my radio interview with Rebecca Zandbergen of CBC (Kelowna).

Radio West Interview Dec 3 2012

How does one get invited onto a radio show? Blind luck and a bit of nerve.

I regularly listen to Radio West on my way home from work. One morning I heard they would be broadcasting from the art gallery in town, but with two cars in a three driver family, I knew I wouldn't be able to drop by and see the show after work.

I was disappointed, but I was walking by the gallery on my lunch and saw the van. I had a short Dare-I? debate with myself, but being an old hand at rejection, I thought What the heck? The worst she could say is No Thanks.

Marketing peeps will tell you to turn your weaknesses into strengths and my record number of rejections does get me noticed. I introduced myself and noted her brief hesitation as she no doubt thought, 'Great. Another writer flogging a book.'  

But who doesn't love a Cinderella story? I explained that a reputable publisher--who doesn't love Harlequin?--had bought my book and she asked me to email more details.

I ran home and read up on radio interviews. This link is excellent:

What Every Author Should Know About Radio and Television Interviews

I wrote up a list of questions I thought listeners might be curious to have answered and sent it through. Rebecca called me a few mornings later for more info, talked it over with her producer, and booked me for the following Monday.

A few hours before the interview, she called to give me some technical details and a bit of a dry run, asking me more questions about my background and books.

Fortunately, I had a ton of writing to keep me occupied until the magic hour. When the call came to put me on deck, I began to sweat. I paced and did a few yoga stretches and then we were on.

You wouldn't know it from recent activities, but I don't talk about my writing a lot. I stopped years ago because rejection isn't fun to talk about.

Success is, LOL.

Rebecca is very personable and easy to talk to (obviously.) I had to keep reminding myself to stay on topic, be succinct, and pause so she could ask another question or tell me my time was up. My husband was home, but he waited until Rebecca sent through the link to my Facebook Page before he listened. Then he correctly answered my most burning question. "Did I sound like a tool?" "No."

Okay then. I'm good with talking about my writing from now on.