Quick Catch Up

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Thank You!

Thank you, Dear Reader! Look where your support of my baby swap has landed it in the last few weeks. This is the Mills & Boon chart. I'm so thrilled!

I'm calling this post a catch up because that's what I'm trying to do. I'm behind on a few things. I tend to push a lot of tasks aside when I'm close to finishing a book and this blog post is one of them.

Often I write this on a Friday night, when I've knocked off for the week and feel relaxed. Today I'm feeling pressure to get back to the manuscript so I thought I'd just offer a brief proof of life (I'm here!) and get back to work.

So no #SampleSunday today, but if you'd like the first two chapters of both of the baby swap books, you can download them here.

For those of you who have been enjoying the snowman - my husband and I had some fun last weekend with him. He's doing the limbo.

The Marriage He Must Keep is still on shelves!

I recently ran into my former boss from my day job. He said, "Someone told me your books were in Walmart. That's a big deal."

It's a huge deal for me. My books are in stores all over the world. Funny story, though. My sister in Australia had been looking for my books from the time I first published. I think she was asking for Harlequin Presents. I didn't realize right away that they were called 'Sexy' in Australia.

Anyway, when I finally went to visit, the very first day we were in the shops, I walked directly through Target to the book section and said, "It's right here." She was so tickled she said, "Can I buy it?" Then she told the cashier that I had written it. I love how much my family supports me!

If you're having trouble finding The Marriage He Must Keep on shelves, it's available at these online retailers in ebook & print:

Amazon: US | CA | UK
Nook | Kobo | iBooks | GooglePlay | BAM | Mills & Boon | Harlequin

The Consequence He Must Claim

I might as well give you these links too, right? You can pre-order The Consequence He Must Claim here. It will deliver auto-magically on Feb 1:

Amazon: US | CA | UK | Aus | Nook | Kobo | iBooks | GooglePlay | BAM | Mills & Boon | Harlequin

Work In Process

I often think I am a work in process. I think prevailing wisdom says I should blog shorter and more often. I'm working toward that, Dear Reader!

But I'm obsessed with finishing this book right now. I'll talk more about it soon. It's for Montana Born, but it's a new town and a new community of characters.

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As well as making my announcements there first, I try to offer some goodies to my fans. Very soon, I'll be providing a sneak peek at my July book, Bought By Her Italian Boss.

Enjoy your weekend!