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Good morning! How is your Saturday?

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My husband usually works Monday to Friday, but for the last few weeks he's been working odd hours and weekends. This week for the first time in forever, he was home all week. We caught up on some house chores, had his cousin visit, sorted the snow tires... That's always fun! But I wound up in a state we call "unstuck in time."

We coined this phrase years ago. Actually, we probably stole it from a movie, but I couldn't tell you which one. It usually refers to those times when you wake up, go about your day and suddenly realize in the middle of the afternoon that it was the Daylight Savings switch and you forgot to change the clocks. Now you've missed something important.

Today I almost missed my blog post. It doesn't feel like Saturday. I'm unstuck in time from our really long weekend that lasted from Tuesday to Friday.

Not that I have a lot of news. We had this visitor through the week, until MrC picked all the fruit. This is taken from my front step. Yes, I went outside long enough to click!

I've posted video of him climbing the trees on my Facebook page. People have asked if I'm scared and no. Not really. I'm more afraid he'll wind up shot. Bears can definitely habituate and begin breaking into cars and houses, but climbing trees to eat fruit is pretty normal behaviour and I hope he just eats his fill and goes away to hibernate.

That's all I have for news this week. We're planning a small road trip to see our daughter and drop some of my author copies at 'local' libraries. Canada is a big country. Some of these places are five hours from here.

But if all goes well, we will cross an item of my bucket list: The Going-To-The-Sun road. There is a small chance it could close due to snow, but if we get there, I will post photos. Stay tuned!

Enjoy your week!