Pursued By The Desert Prince - Available Now

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Somehow my blog fell off my radar this week. I usually have something prepared, but I've been head-down, trying to finish a proposal before revisions come in. But Pursued By The Desert Prince is available on all platforms now! Yay!

Amazon: US | CA | UK | Aus | Nook | Kobo | iBooks | GooglePlay

You can also get Book Two, His Mistress With Two Secrets, right now if you buy direct from Mills and Boon or Harlequin.

Amazon: US | CA | UK | Nook | Kobo | iBooks | GooglePlay

Other News

I have none! Today is the first sunny day after a gloomy spell. It's been such a long winter and I've spent most of it at my desk.

We've been talking a lot about going away, but one thing an another, it hasn't happened yet. It makes today's sunshine feel like a holiday out there. I'm anxious to take advantage of it, so I'll keep this short, get my word count in, then see if I can catch a couple of rays.

Have a wonderful weekend!