Proof Of Their Sin Giveaway Winners

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I had a busy weekend with family in town for my daughter's high school graduation. She and her boyfriend looked spectacular and made us so proud. This is why I've been dragging my feet with announcing my giveaways and I appreciate your patience.

The Goodreads Giveaway was a rousing success with approximately 600 entries. I don't have permission to post the winner's names, but their initials were: JH, AL, and VM. The books have been sent.

Fiona won the copy off my post at RomanceNovelNews. She was kind enough to take electronic as she's overseas.

Nora won the copy at RomanceJunkies and a reader going by the handle of bn100 won the copy from iHeartPresents.

I'm waiting for confirmation from Paloma on the winner of the RomanceBeckons copy, but Lani definitely won the copy from HarlequinJunkie.

Feeling bummed that you're not on this list? Do not despair, dear Reader! You still have several chances to win:

June 26, LoveRomancePassion - I honestly can't recall if I offered a giveaway, but I'll tell ya what. Comment there that you read this blog and want to be entered and I'll draw names there. Promise.

July 1, CaribbeanAccentBookReviews - I still have to write this blog and will definitely offer a giveaway so please drop by and comment for a chance to win.

July 3, WritingSecretsOfSevenScribes - Yep, still gotta write that one, too, but I've made notes and will have a giveaway. Just drop by and say hi :)

July 12, LovesRomanceAndMore - This will be an Author Focus interview, but I'll offer a giveaway. Please come say hello.

And remember, I draw from my newsletter subscriber list so scroll to the bottom of the page and sign up. You'll be entered in all future draws for a copy of my most current book.