Proof Of Life

I've skipped a couple of weekend blogs due to family commitments and over-all summer busy-ness. If you've been following my newsletter, you know what I've been up to, but the latest has been a visit to my sister and her husband in Winnipeg. Here's a quick recap:

Our first morning was Canada's 150 celebration. We took part in the human flag event at Portage and Main. Watch the time-lapse video here.

The rest of the day we were in and out, checking out markets and street fairs and finally the fireworks. In between it all, we took her dog to the park for some frisbee.

FUN FACT: I'm writing Murphy into my WIP, which will be a series so I expect he'll be a recurring character.

Check him out chasing a frisbee here.

Sunday was a bucket list item for me: a spa. We accidentally stayed most of the day. It was wonderful.

Monday we caught up with some of my husband's relatives, since my son is with me and he's never been here to meet them all. We had ice cream at the Forks - can't beat that, I must say!

Today we toured the Royal Canadian Mint, where coins from over 70 countries are made. It was really interesting. And then we popped into the Picasso exhibition because, why not? I wouldn't get many opportunities for something like that and it was really interesting.

I leave tomorrow. It's been a whirlwind, yet very relaxing. Barbecue for dinner and movies in the evening, walking the dog and oh! A terrifying rainstorm for about twenty minutes. Aside from that downpour, the weather had been wonderful. Just a fabulous trip all around.

If you don't hear from me Saturday, I'm working. But check out my newsletter from July 4th. Turns out that loads of deals and sales came up to keep you in books through the summer.

I hope you've been able to have some off-grid time lately, or are looking forward to some down time very soon. I highly recommend it.

Take care,