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As promised, I am posting my list of titles currently available or scheduled. This does not include the four additional books I have submitted or contracted to write. I'll add them when they're official. Why yes, I am plowing ahead with my plan to dominate the romance publishing landscape.

Predictably, when I tried to paste my perfectly formatted table into my website, it went into cardia arrest and jumbled all my tab settings. Print a PDF of my booklist here.

This is all for now. We despots can't stand around bragging about our accomplishments. We have to keep pressing forward by writing proposals and finishing those books we've committed to turn in.

I am loving the number of planets I have in virgo right now. It's helping me get caught up on so much!

Title                  Released                  Published in            Print/Digital

Harlequin Mills & Boon

No Longer Forbidden? (Makricostas – Book One)

Modern                  Jan 2013                   UK & Oz                  Both

Presents                 Dec 2013                  USA (2in1)              Both

Proof Of Their Sin

Modern & Presents                  Jul 2013                   UK, USA, India & Oz                  Both

More Than A Convenient Marriage? (Makricostas – Book Two)

Modern & Presents                  Dec 2013                   UK, USA (2in1), India, Oz        Both

A Debt Paid In Passion

Modern & Presents                  Feb 2013                   UK, USA, Australia                   Both


Champagne Books

The Healer                  Mar 2013                  All platforms                 Digital

Shared Whispers (Anthology, various authors)                 

Sep 2013                  All platforms                  Digital


Indie Published

Hustled To The Altar                  Oct 2012                  All platforms                  Both