Playing Catch Up

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This is what I've been doing rather than writing your #SampleSunday posts. Yes, you have a right to shake your head and tsk tsk me.

But no, I'm working. See my books? I was signing at a recent Champagne & Chocolate event held by our local art gallery. Quite a crush and loads of fun.

Besides, I think I was entitled to celebrate a little. That week I had learned that Proof Of Their Sin is a Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice nominee.

When I'm not swanning at high brow events, I've been writing guest posts for my blog tour for More Than A Convenient Marriage. I almost wish this was a #SampleSunday post. Tracking where I've been and where I'm going is a lot of work. This blog would be way easier to prepare if I only had to cut and paste a chunk of my manuscript into it.

However, a lot of my posts offer a bit more insight into my life, my process and the backstory of the characters and other inspirations, so you might be interested in chasing me around the internet. If so, here are the dates and links posted so far:

I have a little break for the rest of this week to work on the book due end of December. Next weekend I'll round up the December blog dates which will include an Open House chat at eHarlequin on December 10th. I have written seven of the ten posts due by December 12th. You see how there is no rest for those wicked enough to enjoy chocolate and champagne?

The final guest posts of the year will likely be devoted to A Debt Paid In Passion, my February book. You can start watching for excerpts from that one by late December. Meanwhile, if you haven't read all the excerpts from More Than A Convenient Marriage, they're here:

  1. Gideon thinks Adara is cheating
  2. Adara thinks Gideon is cheating
  3. Adara thinks about divorce
  4. Gideon thinks about Adara
  5. Adara says they don't talk
  6. Gideon thinks he prefers it that way
  7. Adara thinks there's no hope

Please do visit my guest blog posts. I often giveaway a copy to those who comment. Or you can always sign up for my newsletter at the bottom of the page here. I also draw for a signed copy from among my subscribers. The newsletter only comes out when I have a new book so you won't get spammed every week from me. Unless, of course, I learn to write very very fast.

Have a great week.