Official Launch - More Than A Convenient Marriage?

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My blog tour continues! Visit these sites to learn more about me, my process, and More Than A Convenient Marriage?:

Also watch for the eHarlequin Open House on Dec 10th. I'll be working, but will pop in before I leave and definitely in the evening. Lots of authors will be offering giveaways, including me, so do mark it on your calendar.

If you've missed some of the previous dates on my tour, they're here:

It seems a bit funny to make a splash about the official launch day of More Than A Convenient Marriage? when it's been out for over a month. The Mills & Boon site has already moved on to offering their January titles and Amazon has been shipping it since the 19th of November. Bernadette Walsh of Nice Girls Reading Naughty Books saw it at Penn Station a good two weeks ago and I had another friend stop me in town the other day to say she had bought it while shopping across the line a few days ago.

I'm not even having a personal party with Champagne to celebrate. My son is at a surprise birthday party for his girlfriend so I have to be sober to drive when he needs picking up. My husband was called in for overtime tomorrow so he'll be going to bed early to be up at 4am. At the moment he is no fun at all. We spent the day starting the junker and getting it off our lawn before the snow plows it in for the winter. In his words, "It's using this last chance to tick me off." (He didn't say, 'tick'.)

Such is the glamour of a modern writer's book launch. Ironically, I bought a pair of champagne glasses today. MrC wants nice tequila glasses for Christmas and the online community agrees that you want a glass with a narrow rim to hold in the scent. Champagne glasses are ideal. Don't worry. He never reads my blog. He STILL hasn't accepted my Friend Request on Facebook.

I did watch Shag while I made supper, but I actually have too many deadlines to really goof off and enjoy myself. I just received revisions for a book I haven't talked about yet. It's a continuity with lovely fellow Presents authors Maya Blake and Victoria Parker. More on that as things develop, but I'll tease you by saying it's a very fun concept. It will be out in August.

I also have a book due by the end of the year. I promise, after Dec 3rd, I'll tell you more about this pair of books. Right now I don't have concrete details like when it will be published, title, cover… It's all very new, which is exciting, but it means we all have to be patient. I'm not happy about the wait, either.

I just this second remembered that I need to send out my newsletter--at least it's mostly written. I do need to choose a winner, however. (Done. Just hit Congratulations j.kitzmiller from VA.)

Okay, it's nine p.m. and I still have to finalize my newsletter and do my stretches. Sheesh, I'm ready for bed! Would it look bad if I barged into a party of sixteen year olds and pulled my son out at nine because I'm tired? I'm sure he'd understand.