Number Twenty-One

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This is what I wrote earlier tonight:


Typing those words is kind of what we writers live for and it's a very uplifting moment. I had a glass of wine to celebrate. And yes, it was legal since it was my twenty-oneth book.

But the book is hardly finished. In fact, it's three thousand words short. I wrote and deleted two epilogues and have decided to wait to write it until my editor has weighed in on the story.

Actually, I'll ask for your opinion.

This book is the first of a duet. I felt that the two epilogues I started gave away too much from the second book, but really, all they do is reveal that the second book has a happy ending. That's hardly a spoiler when we're talking romance, is it? My feeling is that the books will basically take place during the same time period. They have the same inciting event. So should I show the characters from book two living happily ever after? Or find another way to check in on the book one characters?

I'll be spending my weekend fine tuning this manuscript before I hit Send, possibly writing a third epilogue. Then, as I say, that's only the beginning. There will be revisions and line edits and art fact sheets (oh my!) Then blurbs and covers and author copies. Then giveaways and blog posts and one day, sometime nine to twelve months from now, it will have its very own launch day.

Which is kind of The Real End, but always feels like a beginning. And funnily enough I had one of those today, too. It's the official launch day for The Bachelor's Baby.


This is when all of that hard work mentioned above gets its chance to pay off, not that I'll have any idea if it does for months. No, it really is the time where I have to let go and leave it to you, Dear Reader, to decide and find time to read and perhaps leave a review.

I'll facilitate by offering you these links:

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And also mention that The Sheikh's Sinful Seduction is also on shelves.

Oh, I promised to mention some chat and guest blog dates. Look for behind the scenes jazz and giveaways here:

I'm posting this early (Friday night) and will be writing all weekend so I can take time off next weekend to offer a workshop on my writing process in Vancouver. Want to come? It's free. Visit the website for: Greater Vancouver Chapter of Romance Writer's Of America for directions. The workshop runs from 1-3pm.

Have a great weekend!