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Book Two, Firefighters of Montana

UPDATED: Aug 2, 2016
The pre-order period to help raise funds for the Red Cross Alberta Fires Appeal is closed, but you can read the first two chapters of Scorch here.

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Thank you to everyone who pre-ordered Scorch to help raise funds for the Red Cross Alberta Fires Appeal. The book is available and the pre-order period is closed.

If you'd like to read the first two chapters, I just sent out a newsletter with a preview. I often include these so feel free to subscribe if you like what you see. You'll get a free download short story called Cruel Summer as a welcome gift.

Read the first two chapters of Scorch here.

We had our own small wildfire a few miles from here last week. I have to say, it's quite disconcerting to hear of something like this on the news after driving for nearly eight hours to pick up my sister and bring her back here. Thankfully it was contained very quickly and stayed mostly in the grass, not getting into the trees too badly.

I'm so grateful for our local fire departments and the rain that has fallen the last few days. The fire closed the highway for a few hours, but for now we're in the clear.

Other News

I've mentioned my family reunion this month. We're just immediate family as I write this, with a shared birthday party happening today, mostly for my now three year old niece. If I can manage a Peppa Pig cake, I'll post a snap here or over on Facebook. She wants one so bad. Meanwhile, her brother, who is five, is very concerned with the contents of the goodie bags. We have very high expectations to live up to here.

As the week goes on, we'll have more friends and family in town. You probably won't hear from me much at all so enjoy your week and I'll be back when I can.