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I don't offer a ton of info for writers on my blog because I know so many writers who do, and they typically do it much better than I feel that I could. But I've come across a few things lately that I thought might be helpful for other writers and vaguely interesting to readers killing time on the internet at work.

I just watched this Vlog (Video Blog) where Joanna Penn interviews CJ Lyons on how to sell a million books. It's longish--no I'm not at work. I'm at home supposed to be penning my next book. But I thought I'd save others in my boat some time by revealing CJ Lyons three-step secret:

  1. Write a great book. (Never heard that one before!)
  2. Give it time to reach readers. (Patience is a virtue. I happen to be a sinner in this regard. I seriously just ate two pieces of lightly toasted frozen bread.)
  3. Repeat. (So why am I blogging not writing?)

I actually have an answer to that last question: to serve readers. Which CJ also stresses along with revealing some really great tips on how she developed her brand and marketed herself.

I won't steal all her material. If you're an aspiring indie or traditional writer (or hybrid! Hello, that's me) then give this vlog your time.

Oh, and please sign up for my newsletter. Why yes, CJ did teach me that.

Meanwhile, in trying to find a way to blog without spending all my time blogging, I've looked up Reblogging. Long story short, it's like Retweeting (or sharing, if you prefer Facebook.) You see something that strikes a chord and want to share it so you post it in your own space for your readers.

Or, if you're an avid reader with friends who like to read, it's like saying, Here, read my copy of this book. Note that when we share books, we typically keep them in tact and do not tear off the cover and apply a new one with our own name on it.

For more etiquette on reblogging, see this post on ePropertySites. If you're on WordPress and you'd like to reblog from another WordPress site, Jenny Hansen offers instructions here. Marcy Kennedy also offers some great tips on reblogging and Kristen Lamb is quite obviously a very popular blogger to reblog.

What else have I been looking up lately? Well, I had to rewrite my bio for Harlequin this week. The Savvy Book Marketer helped with that as did Rachelle Gardner here. Basically, along with hitting your education, experience, publishing credits and talents, you want to be relatable, funny, interesting and offer a sample of your voice. Easy peasy, right?

Finally, in my search for info on writing a killer bio, I came across this post by Steff Metal on The Abundant Artist about developing a sales page. Not 100% applicable to writers, especially if you're traditionally published rather than selling off your own site, but certainly in the high 90's for relevance.

Some non-writing related research I've been doing lately that actually does relate back to my writing is Burnout. We all know that balance in our lives helps us handle stress so, to that end, I have just been invited for a walk and lunch with a girlfriend. Therefore, I shall stop trying to figure out how pingbacks work and get out of my jammies and into my lulus.

Happy Saturday.