Mini Epilogue - The Bachelor's Baby

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UPDATED: Aug 2, 2016
I'm updating a few of my older blog posts for readers exploring my backlist. This one has a mini-epilogue for THE BACHELOR'S BABY. I'm also adding an image of the new covers for my Love In Montana series. They've had an update since this book came out in March of 2015. What do you think of the change?

Here we are turning the corner from the Ides of March, zipping past St. Patrick's Day and arriving at the first day of Spring. (It's early this year! The 19th!) Is it just me, or did the front quarter of the year go by in a blur?

Mini-Epilogue - The Bachelor's Baby

More Good News! A bunch of us were enjoying a virtual St. Patrick's Day Party in Grey's Saloon, over on the Main St. Marietta Facebook Group this week (Join Main St. Marietta here.) I wrote this mini epilogue for The Bachelor's Baby to share there. I might as well repost it here, right?

~ * ~

LINC had been walking a wide berth around Grey’s Saloon once he heard there was another bachelor auction going on this year.

“You know you’re not a bachelor anymore, right?” Meg teased him. “Come on. It’s St. Patrick’s Day. Let’s pop in for a burger. It’ll be fun.”

Liz and Blake had offered to watch the twins for a few hours and Linc wouldn’t have blamed Meg if she had wanted to go home and sleep. The boys were the light of their lives, but neither he nor Meg had had a full night’s sleep since their birth. Meg bore the brunt of it, being what she called The Dairy Service.

As dates went, today’s crush inside the saloon wasn’t the most intimate. Meg knew virtually everyone in town and was warmly greeted by table after table of friendly locals asking after her and the twins.

Linc watched her blossom, loving the bright smile she wore and hearing her laugh like that. They both enjoyed the solitude of ranch life, but he knew she’d been suffering a bit of cabin fever, held inside by snow and the demands of new motherhood. He would have given anything to go home and make love, but this was a much needed break for her.

Besides, he still felt new to the town, well over a year after he’d moved here. When he came to town with Meg, however, she always made him feel as much a part of Marietta as she was. It always reinforced for him that he’d made the right choice. He was home. This was where he belonged.

“Whew!” Meg said as they stole a table that had just been bussed. “I haven’t seen it this busy since—”

“Our first date?” He gathered her hands in his own in the middle of their small table.

“That was not a date, Linc Brady.”

He still winced, thinking about how mean he’d been to her that night, but seriously. A bachelor auction? He’d been pretty pissed and felt for this year’s batch of victims. Although...

“It turned out pretty good for me,” he allowed, stroking his thumb against the soft skin of her wrist. “Really freaking great, actually.” He hadn’t known then how much he wanted a wife and family, but he couldn’t imagine a day without Meg and his boys now.

Her expression softened and she leaned forward. He stole a taste of the mouth she was offering, but couldn’t help lingering.

Their sex life was as active as it could be around infant twins. They were tender and quick and playful when they could be. He had no complaints, but as he kissed her, he recalled the night they’d conceived them. He experienced a sharp stab of desire and his hand lifted to the back of her head, holding her for a longer kiss. The predatory heat that had gripped him that night rose fresh to sting his blood. He wanted her and let her know it.

When he released her, she sat back with shining eyes, looking a little shell-shocked. Her lips were damp and a delightful pink stained her cheeks. Not just embarrassment at kissing so passionately in public. He knew what arousal looked like on his wife and that was it.

It was seriously hot.

“Well,” she breathed. “I put on make-up and a real bra today so I would feel like a woman, not a milk truck, but I think that did a far better job of it.”

“Let me take you home and I’ll make you feel all kinds of things,” he promised.

Her lashes swept toward him in a considering look. She reached to put on the jacket she’d just removed.

“You Irish, cowboy? Because it looks like you’re getting lucky,” she teased.

He set a possessive hand on her waist as he guided her to the door, anticipation sinking hot talons into him. “I am lucky,” he assured her. “I have you.”

~ * ~

Other News

I've been head-down writing and will be for the next couple of months. There will be lots to share once I come up for air and put the pieces into place, though.

On a personal note, I'm trying to institute Dani's Power Hour where I get out into the garden. I don't want to overdo it, but I am a bit of a workaholic and need to set non-writing goals. And who doesn't like a few veggies from the garden? I plan to keep it simple: potatoes, herbs, maybe some garlic and tomatoes. Oh, and strawberries. I've had marvellous luck with those even when I neglect them completely. I'll report back with photos as things progress.

Have a great weekend!