Mercury Retrograde - *Why*

Blame The MistletoeMercury retorgrade

I wasn't going to do a #ThursdayThirteen post. I have to get my revisions done today.


But a glitch with the upgrade on my blogging platform deleted this week's #TeaserTuesday post. So I wanted to post a quick acknowledgment of that.

I will rewrite it if it can't be recovered from back up. I'm as distressed as you are, Dear Reader. I'm blaming the onset of Mercury retrograde, which actually begins on Saturday, but as you can see, has far-reaching affects when it comes to computers.

The truth is, Merc Retro is great for things like revising and rewriting. Anything prefaced by 're' is a great pasttime during these annoying weeks when it plays heck with ground transport and other stuff. Therefore I'm okay with re-writing a blog post, finishing my re-visions and starting our re-novations. (But I will cross my fingers and hope that the back up is there. I mean, time, right?)

Anyway, very sorry and I will monitor the situation closely. Expect a new #SampleSunday series. I'll be starting excerpts from my November Harlequin Presents The Russian's Acquisition.

I will return next week with a new #TeaserTuesday (and this week's!) for Blame The Mistletoe.

This week, my Homecoming book launched! It's actually a prequel to Blame The Mistletoe so you might want tobuy Hometown Hero here and read it first, or read the #SampleSunday posts for Hometown Hero here.

That's it! Short and sweet. Back to work.
Have a great day,