March Marches On

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Here we are at mid-March already, which means St. Patrick's Day is almost upon us!

Click on the image or join the Main St. Marietta group on Facebook to attend the party. There will be loads of giveaways. (There always is!) The party will run all day, but I'll be on at 4pm Pacific (7pm Eastern).

Vote For His Blushing Bride

Are you a fan of Piper and Sebastian? You can vote for their story over at The Romance Reviews (voting starts March 14 and runs until Mar 31st.)

RT Convention

I'm posting this again in case anyone missed it. I'm also excited to report my husband and I now have tickets to the Cirque de Soleil Beatles Love Show. Can't wait!

My agenda while I'm here:

Other News

Just a ton of writing! The house is mostly put back together after the flooring chaos. We still have the upper hallway, stairs (big job!) and the living room to do. I'm hoping to have that done before my sister and her family visit from Australia in June.

June will be a bit of a write-off for me writing-wise, given that my son will be graduating and we're having something of a family reunion with both my sisters and extended family coming in from far and wide. I'm trying to get ahead of all my deadlines and so far the pace has been challenging, but words are landing on pages so... I'll leave it at that. I don't want to jinx anything.

Behind the scenes, I'm still working on changes to my newsletter. Change is always stressful! But I'm getting there and happy with everything so far. And I have plans, so many plans, for other stuff, but getting books written is always the priority so that's where the bulk of my time goes.

Oh, and movies. I love movies and today I have a date to go see Room with my Mom. On matinee so I'd best get my word count in or I'll be grounded and not allowed to go.

Have a great weekend!