Launch Day! - The Ultimate Seduction

book launchThe Ultimate Seduction

The official launch day for The Ultimate Seduction is August 1st. I'm writing this on the 1st in Brisbane, Australia, hoping it will bridge the gap between the #Thursday13 post I missed and the #SampleSunday I probably won't manage.


Would you like to hear my excuse for slacking on my posts? I wish I'd thought to record my nephew's adorable aussie-accented, three-year-old voice asking me to help him with his shoes, reach down his drink, inviting me to make a puzzle with him, asking if he can draw on my paper, and generally engaging me at every turn.

I'm visiting my sister, reacquainting with my nephew and meeting my one-year-old niece. They are a riot. Today we turned a corner with my niece. She heard her brother coming and ran to me, wanting up before he came into the room and grabbed my attention from her.

Meanwhile, a couple of days ago, we happened to be in Target so I looked for my August book. There was Ryzard!


That's almost all the writing related activities I've managed to accomplish. I keep promising posts on the RWA conference in San Antonio and I fear that I'll be trying to write them in Sydney, while I'm at the Romance Writers of Australia conference next weekend.

If I don't get to them then, it'll be when I'm on the plane flying home because life is very busy with wee ones underfoot and little fingers that are magnetically drawn to buttons on keyboards.

I did manage to push out my newsletter. If you haven't signed up yet, do it now! You might win a signed copy of The Ultimate Seduction. If you sign up through the Dani Collins Masked Desires Contest, you'll double your chances of winning!


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I'll also dig up and post my blog schedule for August. I have a number of guest posts offering Giveaway copies of The Ultimate Seduction. Here are a couple that I have the links for:

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If you're in Sydney, please come out to the literacy autographing for a chat! Otherwise, I'll try to keep posting as often as possible here. Have a great week!