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The Consequence He Must Claim will be disappearing from shelves this week. I hope you've got your copy if you're a print reader!

If you missed it, you can order it online here, and of course digital copies are still available as well:
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Home Is Where The Mess Is

I've been head-down writing for over a week, finishing a book. I hit SEND last night and I feel great!

The problem is, I have not only ignored the house--which is a typical disaster of laundry that needs putting away and that lasagna dish on the counter that can't seem to make it's way into the cupboard, but we've also had new carpets installed in a couple of rooms.

This would be fine if that meant those rooms were back together. Not. The family room is okay. It's useable, but there's still some rearranging to be done there. Our bedroom, however...

I should back up and say this all started because our refrigerator broke down. While we were ordering the new one, my husband pointed to a bed on sale and said, "Isn't that the one you want?" Budda-bing, budda-bow, we bought it.

But we had planned to buy a new bed after carpets were replaced and replacing the carpets was not on the immediate agenda. But with the bed ordered, hubby tore up the bedroom and voila, three weeks later, we have carpets. Yay! Also, the bed came in right away and sat in the way all that time.

Sadly, he opened it the other night to set it up and, you guessed it, wrong colour. So we get to wait another week for the exchange and that means sleeping in my daughter's room a few more nights and living with a mattress and other furniture in my office for another week.

Also I did that lovely trick where I decided to catch up on filing and realized I hadn't separated out the 2015 from the 2016. Thus there stacks of paper everywhere in here as I try to sort out that mess. It's your average nightmare.

But c'est la vie, right?

What's Next?

I do love this honeymoon period after a book has been sent in. Yes, I always have a lot of housekeeping chores, real ones and office ones and even mental ones, but planning and organizing is my jam so that's what I'll be doing this weekend. Figuring out What's Next.

I will also be arranging a sneak peek at my July Harlequin Presents, Bought By Her Italian Boss, for my newsletter subscribers. I'm waiting for the cover, which I think I'll see in March.

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Taken By The Raider

Have you grabbed this bad boy yet?

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Time to bring order to chaos. What are you doing with your weekend?