It's Saturday! Take it easy.

Romantic Times MagazineTaken By The Raider

My horoscope warns that today has some hard aspects and it's best to chill. I'm taking this as permission not to clean my bathrooms and just write. Which is situation normal around here, but today it's written in the stars that I have to.

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Quick note of attribution on that photo above: I took it myself when we were in New York last July. Ah, New York. That really was an amazing trip to an amazing place.

But here is great, too. It's raining (not snowing!) and as I said, I plan to be a bit lazy today. I will write, because writing is relaxing for me. Most of the time. Occasionally it threatens to break my brain, but mostly it's my happy place. Lately I've been working on a scene at Wimbledon, which has been a little like visiting the championship. A mini mental vacation! I wound up giving my heroine a strawberry allergy. I'm wondering if that will rear its head later in the book.

Other News

Life is even-keel at the moment. (touch wood!) I have the RT Convention in April (see below) and books out in June, July and September, but for the next while it's about getting books in.

RT Convention

And because I'm too lazy to type it, here's the screenshot of my agenda while I'm there:

I missed signing up for Club RT, darn it!

Newsletter News

Changes are coming to my newsletter. My regular one goes out on the 8th, then there will be a couple with sneak peeks at my June and July book. Putting all the pieces into place takes time, but I'm excited by how the new system is coming together. I hope you like it, too!

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That's it for now. Have a relaxing weekend!