In My Writing Cave

I've been running around a lot lately. We went to Yellowstone (view photos here), spent a weekend in Vancouver to see our daughter (below) and pick up our son (he's elusive.)

Then my sister came to town and had a bunch of family birthdays, including our son's. Yep, no photo. So elusive.

Yesterday I was out of town with my mom, visiting my aunt. Sorry, no opportunities for landscape photos, which is a shame because she lives in wine and orchard country. With all the rain, everything is so green and so, so beautiful. Cherries were coming on strong! Yum!

Actually, I did take a few photos of my aunt. She's in treatment and the 'wig lady' was fitting her. Shout out to Laurie and Karen and all the people who help those in treatment feel like themselves again. My aunt wasn't feeling one hundred percent, but we had a fun day playing make-over which felt really good.

She eventually picked out one that looked a lot like her regular hair, but also one that was a gorgeous silver. You'll just have to take my word for it that she looked fabulous!

Our daughter is coming to visit in a couple of weeks, and I've just booked to visit my sister at the end of the month, in Winnipeg. Watch all my social media for photos there. I'll be taking millions. #Canada150

All of this to say, I hope to have at least a first draft finished before I leave. If you don't see much of me online, that's why. I'm heading into the writing cave.

Fun Fact: this is actually my daughter going into this cave at VanDusen Gardens. I wasn't smart enough to get a photo of myself doing this when we were there. Next time...

Have a great weekend,