Montana - Great Anytime!

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Is it Saturday? My days are all mixed up again. But this deal is still on. And keep reading! I'm sharing my recent visit to Montana!

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This week, we went to Alberta to see our daughter. Since my husband had the whole week off work, we took the long route through Montana so we could drive the Going To The Sun Road. It's something I've always wanted to do so I can now cross that off my bucket list.

We could have driven straight south to Spokane, but chose to cross the border at Creston. I had books to deliver to their library anyway. You'll see that the trip says just under five hours. Being Dani and Doug, we took all day.

We got some nice shots, though. Check out the full album on my Facebook Page, but here are a few highlights:

The fall colours were pretty amazing. We then drove to Calgary and stayed a few days in my sister's empty apartment. She was visiting our other sister in Australia, but we had a lovely time with our daughter. I'll be uploading another album from the rest of our trip onto Facebook shortly, but we took the long way home from Calgary, too, driving from Creston to Kaslo. (I had books I was donating to the Kaslo library, too.)

It was getting dark when we arrived in Kaslo so I don't have any photos, but it is the prettiest little town. They have a jazz festival there in the summer and we are seriously thinking of going in 2016. It looks so fun and who doesn't want to hang out by a lake in the sunshine listening to music?

These shots are from the drive up Kootenay Lake to the ferry:

We got home around nine p.m. and I was pretty wiped. Is there anything better than sleeping in your own bed after a long trip away?

But it was a fantastic trip, I feel recharged, and I pretty much plotted an entire book on those long drives. We have one more overnight trip planned, then I'm hibernating and writing for the rest of the year. I think.

FYI, I was going to post my gingersnap recipe here today, but I had all these lovely photos to share. Come by next week and I'll have it typed out for you. Now that the weather is turning, we can start thinking of baking and crock pots and curling up with a book or eight.

Have a great week!