Help Wildfire Evacuees! Scorch proceeds to go to Red Cross

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I'm pleased to announce my author proceeds from pre-order sales of Scorch, will be donated to the Red Cross Alberta Fires Appeal to help the tens of thousands of evacuees who fled the wildfire in Fort McMurray May 3rd. You can learn more about "The Beast"--the fire that is now 950 sq. miles--as well as read the first two chapters of Scorch in my newsletter here.

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Blurb for Scorch:
Jacqui Edwards is back in Glacier Creek to wrap up loose ends after the death of her husband, Russ, captain of a group of daring, talented smokejumpers. She wants to stay and reboot her life, but faces an uphill battle shedding the role of the captain’s fragile, grieving widow.

After growing up in foster care, Vin Kingston finally found a family when he joined the smokejumpers. Then, six months ago, his best friend and captain died in a freak jump accident right before his eyes. Vin is consumed with guilt and determined to watch over Russ’ widow. No easy task when the vibrant, beautiful Jacqui is busting out of her shell and challenging Vin’s vow to keep her off limits.

The book will be available in print, but not until the fall.

A huge THANK YOU to those of you who have already ordered! I've received some heartfelt messages of gratitude and harrowing accounts from people who were there. One said the windshield on their truck has scorch marks from the falling embers. Since traffic was crawling, some people were stuck driving through the thick smoke and falling embers for thirty minutes.

People will be displaced for weeks and many are still in shelters. The Red Cross has a big job ahead of them and I'm so glad I'm able to help out in this small way.

Here are the links again if you'd like to pre-order and help with this donation:
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Other News

Not much to report here. I managed to load Mastering Her Role onto iBooks, GooglePlay and Smashwords. I'll post the Nook and Kobo links once they go live.

Oh, I know what's kept me so busy. In order to load Mastering Her Role onto iBooks I had to upgrade my whole system! I was sitting her trying to remember why I felt so rushed and pressured all week. That's why. Bleh. Computer upgrades. It's all behind me now, though (fingers-crossed!) and I've obviously blocked it from my mind.

I'll cut it off here and get to work. I have two books in the works right now and I want to get the Christmas one finished so I can concentrate on the other.

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