Has Spring Sprung Yet?

The Wrong HeirsTaken By The Raider

It's true. I'm getting antsy for Spring!

Not that I go outside much. I have fantasies of taking up gardening after a two year hiatus, but not with the deadline schedule I have right now. And we're very much in the overcast drizzle of spring right now! Going outside is a bit of an exercise in self-induced misery.

Which is one reason I 'visited' Australia via the tablet today. My sister had some colour in her face when I called and she was almost apologetic about it. We wound up having quite a discussion about the very different attitudes toward the sun that Canadians have from Australians.

For instance, she said that a friend's daughter, fresh back from living in Canada for several years, put on a bikini to go in the pool. It shocked my sister because she has adopted the custom of a rashie and shorts with swimmers underneath. My sister forgot to wear a hat recently which is how she wound up with pink in her face. She said it was almost something to be ashamed of because it shows you're not taking care of yourself as well as you should.

Meanwhile, I was just marvelling that they had sun. I'm looking pretty ghostly and could definitely use some colour!

What am I working on so furiously that is keeping me indoors, you ask? Well, if you haven't already, you can...

Read About It In My Newsletter

I'm not being mysterious so much as lazy. Rather than retype what I wrote about my next Montana Born book, I thought I'd direct you to the longer story in my newsletter. The quick answer is that it's part of a new series about smokejumpers! You can get more details in Dani's Newsletter.

I'm also very close to finishing my next Presents. Well, actually there are two that are already wrapped and scheduled for July and September. When I say my next, I mean the one I'm currently writing which will likely come out in December or January--if I get it written. My deadline is end Feb so expect me to be offline more than on as I push to The End.

Once that's off my desk, my schedule will relax a little since my Smokejumper won't come out until June.

Meanwhile, I'm also promoting my three books since Jan 1st. Have you read any (all) of them? Which one is your favourite?

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Once I get this book wrapped for end Feb, I'm taking a few days off to put my house back together, then I'm going to work on taking weekends off. Or at least only work one day on the weekend. Or half-days. I'm not very good at taking time off! But I'll try.

Enjoy your weekend!