Happy Thanksgiving (Canada!)

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My daughter is home for Thanksgiving weekend, but has to leave on actual Thanksgiving, which is Monday. My mom offered to cook, but then she and my dad had to make an unexpected trip out of town. They'll be home Sunday, but I said I would cook so we could eat that night. It's been a while since I cooked for a crowd. Heck, if my husband happens to be working, I don't cook at all.

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Please Vote!

Since the advance polls are open here in Canada this weekend, I'll urge my fellow Canucks to please vote. I'm always hugely annoyed when politicians claim that 'the majority clearly wanted' but it turns out, when you do the math, that only a third of Canadians voted at all and of those, many voted for the other parties. Please, make yourself heard!

I'm keeping it short. Today is the Big Shop when I get the brussel sprouts and bread crumbs for stuffing. Also, run around the house to find enough chairs to get us all around the dining table.

If you're here in Canada, I hope you have a great weekend with family and friends! If you're elsewhere, I hope you also enjoy a great weekend with family and friends. Take care,