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What a crazy Fall it's been! I'm finally catching up after my week out of town, where I sat with my teenaged son after his ruptured appendix was removed. Thank you to everyone who has wished him well. He is very much on the mend, probably losing the drain this weekend and likely to be back at school at least part-time next week.


I'll be honest. I'm exhausted. Not because he's so demanding. He's really an amazing trooper. It's just been the usual juggle of deadlines and real life. I have this crazy number of books to promote, then I was called into my old day job to do some training, I had that Facebook party on Tuesday...

Thank you very much to everyone who came, by the way, readers and authors alike. It was a really lively event and I will do another one, but it will be a few months. Maybe March, when I have two more books to promote.

Meanwhile, I'm looking forward to winding down. I'm finally feeling like, if I'm not exactly on top of the pile, at least I'm facing the old pile that seemed manageable back in September.

Oh. Except the part where I've fallen way behind on my Nanowrimo word count.


I'm probably not as freaked out about that as I should be. Now that I've cleared the decks (knock on wood) I can spend the rest of November really knuckling down to finish it. Last week I offered a sneak peek at my WIP. This week I'm recycling old content while I finish this manuscript and start my holiday preparations.

Hopefully over the next few weeks I'll get some original content pulled together. I have an idea for a short Christmas story and I'd like to offer some check ins with some of my published characters.

I'll be honest. I may give my newsletter subscribers first crack at reading anything new. I'm too tired right now to make that decision--too tired to write anything! I'm barely making it through this blog post--but it's been on my mind for a while to give my super-fans some perks. If you're a super-fan, please join my newsletter. There's a good chance something fun will arrive in your inbox around December 25th.


I've been offering excerpts for pretty much all of my books here on my blog. In the last few days, I've heard lots of buzz about Wattpad. I have a profile there and a chapter for Hustled To The Altar is posted there, but I haven't been active for ages. Do you use it? Should I make it more of a priority?

The truth is, I don't like having anyone weigh in on my WIP. I'm the grouchy artist who screams, "Get out!" when I'm in the thick of my projects. I will visit Wattpad soon, though. If you're a user, find and tag, friend, message me. I'll catch up to you when I arrive, I promise. (Soon as I find my login credentials!)

My plan over the hiatus of December through February, when I won't have any new releases, is to exploit my backlist. Wattpad seems like a good place to do that.

Meanwhile, I'll do a little of that here and now. Have you read all of the #SampleSundays and #TeaserTuesdays for my Fall books? Here are the quick links and some shameless quoting of the friendliest reviews:

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Read #SampleSunday - The Russian's Acquisition


"It was fun, intense and simply remarkable. The one and only complaint I have about this read was that it ended. I wanted the passion and iintensity of this relationship to continue long after I read the last line... I recommend this read for all fans of romance reads. And if you are not a fan of romance this is the read that will hook you..."

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Read #TeaserTuesday - Blame The Mistletoe


"5 out of 5 stars!! LOVED, love, loved it!! It was hard not getting sucked into this sweetly steamy romance about an ex-brother-in-law & an ex-sister-in-law falling in love and dealing with their unique challenges! Blake & Liz were a hard couple not to root for, their romantic and self-deprecating ways were very charming to read about. Plus, I enjoyed reading their banter!"

My Christmas book will soon be available in print, as part of an anthology with all of the titles below. The 'A Marietta Christmas' series are all stand-alone titles. You can read them in any order, but mine links to and follows my Hometown Hero mentioned below.

Here are the buy links for all the titles in this series:

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Read #SampleSunday - Hometown Hero


"A great afternoon read that will definitely leave you smiling with great characters and a wonderful love story. I highly recommend this one." (5 stars)

Hometown Hero is part of the multi-author Homecoming series from Montana Born books. Here are all the titles, authors, and release dates in that series:

You can also get all of these novellas in one print book! The anthology can be ordered here: Montana Homecoming


I gave away a lot of books at my Facebook party, along with some marvelous goodies from Tule. I also received GORGEOUS bookmarks from Tule for the Homecoming series. Have you seen them?


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Okay, I wrote this Friday night so today I can hit publish then attack that Nanowrimo manuscript with a vengeance. I'm off to do that now. Have a great weekend.