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A fresh look for my romantic comedy Hustled To The Altar Read more at the links below, then keep reading for some free reads.

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Revolving Revisions

I've been in a state of revolving revisions and it's not over.

Revisions come in different sizes and I've had pretty much all of them. Some bigger, structural ones are due any day, but some mid-range tweak-here-make-this-clearer-there came through along with a very detailed line edit and two sets of final copy edits.

I actually love the revision process, even though there are times they make me tear my hair out. But seeing the final product come together is always hugely reassuring. Sometimes I get so deeply stuck in a story, I have lost any sense of whether it hangs together or what. Then I get back the line edits and read with new eyes and breathe a sigh of relief.

It's about time to turn my attention to real writing, though. I'm working on a partial and since it's part of a quartet and I still have the fourth book to write, I'm thinking of writing the first few chapters of book four before I try to complete book three. Join my reader group to find out how that goes. (You'll get a free download of Cruel Summer as a welcome gift!)

Finally, have you seen these excerpts from my September release, The Secret Beneath The Veil?

SampleSunday - The Secret Beneath The Veil

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It's the dog days of August as I write this and I recently saw August described (in Lenny Letters) as the Sunday night of months. I was always a bit nerdy and looked forward to Back To School, so I don't have a bad case of the blues. How about you? Do you wish summer could go on forever? Or are you ready for cooler nights and a return to routine?