Excuses Excuses

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I know I owe a #SampleSunday. My big hangup is that even though I've purchased and installed Photoshop, I haven't learned how to use this new version. I don't have the graphic for the Presents & Modern cover mashed together.

Yes, I am totally serious that that is the big stumbling block I'm facing right at this second. I hate doing things second rate. Which you wouldn't surmise from this chatty excuse for a blog post, but this is where I'm at.

Actually, here is where I'm really at: p.85 of 107 existing words on the book contracted to be in Dec 31st. Right now my total word count is 28335 out of the 50000+ that I need. Things are going well (not for H/h, but seriously, they're not supposed to, right?) But for me, I'm making nice progress and I don't want to stop to fiddle with Photoshop.

You should see this disaster I call an office, too. Not that it outwardly looks so bad. I've made pretty stacks of things, but those stacks kind of make me tear up, they're each so loaded with stuff.

But as any writer will tell you, when the deadline looms, and the muse is with you, the only thing that matters is getting words on the page. (In this case, the screen.)

So I'm making that my priority right now. I've even neglected the banking. Shh, don't tell MrC. I'm reasonably sure we're in the black in the checking account, but shrug. This book needs writing!

I did manage to figure out how to use the Events tab that was installed weeks ago by my long-suffering website peeps. Thanks Seed! :) I'm really happy with the way it looks and will be even happier to see you if you're able to make it to Vancouver in February. I'll be promoting A Debt Paid In Passion which, you guessed it, is the book I should be promoting here, with an excerpt, but seriously, More Than A Convenient Marriage is still on the shelves. It seems like cheating on one alpha hero with another to start offering up Raoul while Gideon is still available.

Forgive me, too, for unplugging this week. I don't have any blog tour stops so I'm taking advantage, dropping off Facebook and Twitter, sticking butt to chair, fingertips to keys, and plain ol' writing.

Oh, and picking up my daughter and getting some necessary shopping done. I seriously hope Santa is real because at this point the pretend one is failing badly.

Have a great week. So long as I make good progress this week, I'll be back in full form next Sunday. If I don't, well, brace for more excuses.

Oh, in typical form, I'll bury the headline and mention that Hustled To The Altar is on sale until the new year. $3.99 for the ebook. It goes up to $5.99 in January, so if you get an eReader for Christmas, be sure to grab Hustled sooner than later. :)