Era Lo Prohibido (It Was Forbidden)

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Excuse my freak out, but I LOVE this cover. But, um, where exactly is her hand?!

This is the Spanish translation of No Longer Forbidden? It releases in November in paperback and digital. My first foreign edition! How cool is that?

If you've read the book, you know that Rowan and Nic get caught in a rainstorm and wind up necking in his convertible. Here's a teaser from the scene this cover evokes:

They slammed themselves back into the car as the sky opened up. The drumming became a wild rush of sound. As the windscreen blurred with heavy rain, Rowan glanced at him, expecting him to start the car and pull out. In the muted light, his blue eyes were charcoal, his body a mass of gathered energy. “What’s wrong?” she asked. “I can’t wait.” He leaned across, one hand cupping her cheek as he slanted his mouth in hot possession over hers. Rowan gasped, parting her lips. Nic took devastating advantage, thrusting past the games and hesitations of their past kisses and slamming them into a new reality of raw seduction. His arm came behind her shoulders, gathering her up and providing a pillow as she yielded. So much had changed between them in the last twenty-four hours, Rowan couldn’t do anything but give herself over to the flood of desire. When his tongue touched hers, lust struck with blinding ferocity, lighting a fire of aggression in her that made her kiss him back with equal fervor, lashing at his tongue with her own, fueling the blaze of need expanding around them. She was dimly aware of a soft growl in his throat, that his fingers moved in a gentle caress of her jaw and throat, but she wouldn’t give up their kiss. Her hands went into his hair, holding him so she could harden the press of their mouths, inhibitions demolished by how instantaneously he inflamed her. She needed this more than air.

If you haven't read this one, don't worry! It's the one that comes out in December as a 2-4-1 with More Than A Convenient Marriage?

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