Happy Easter!

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I hope you're having a wonderful weekend. Are you visiting with family this weekend?


I'm lucky enough to have my daughter here and my sister. (The one who lives here in Canada.) Also, my mom is cooking, which means I am truly blessed.

Since we'll have a crowd at dinner, and I saw all those chocolate eggs in the grocery store, I decided we'd play a game, one I want to share with you. I learned it from my youngest sister, years ago. I'll tell you more about that in a minute.

The first step is to buy a bunch of these:


And here is where I apologize to my American audience. Kinder Surprise Eggs have been banned in the US since before they were born. However, I just learned, thanks to the interweb, that you can buy Choco Treasure Eggs. They'll work just as well.

I will also warn you now that if you're someone who finds fortune telling the least bit objectionable, this post isn't for you. If you love tarot cards and palm reading, you'll love this.

By the way, for best results, you would have a question in mind before you purchase. According to my sister, you should go to the store and let your heart be your guide on which egg to pick. Definitely think about your question before you select an egg from the basket.

What kinds of questions should you ask? Any life question that has been niggling at you. Should I change jobs? Will I sell my house? Am I pregnant with a boy or a girl... etc.

Got your question? Great. Open your egg.

Now comes the fun part: interpreting your answer. And yes, sometimes this is very tricky.

I said above that my sister introduced me to this game. She was finishing her degree at university and brought a basketful to her fellow students so they could ask about their futures. My sister had just met an Australian man and wondered how that was going to impact her life as she was on this brink of change. She got a pink airplane. (Pink = romance, plane = travel.) She has since married him and they have two adorable children whom I see mostly on the tablet because they all live in Australia.

I can't recall if I asked what sort of heroine I should write or what my exact question was when I got this toy, but do you know who she is? Jaya from An Heir To Bind Them. I keep her on my desk because she's so cute.


Sometimes the toy isn't the whole answer. Sometimes you have to look at the paperwork that comes with it. I once asked about a novella I was writing and my toy turned out to be one of a collection of similar animals. That novella was Hometown Hero, part of Montana Born's Homecoming series.

You may have to get creative with your interpretations. One year we were with friends and their daughter asked what her toy meant. She had asked, "What will I be when I grow up?" Her toy was a door. I said it probably meant many doors would be open to her.

I also had a teacher friend play this game. She didn't want to reveal her question, but said it had to do with a project she'd been wanting to finish and asked if she ever would. Here is the most telling part: her toy was quite complex and she quickly lost patience with putting it together and left it on the table unassembled. I think that said it all!

Now, vague questions beget vague answers. I have twice asked the Kinder Oracle a less than specific, "What's going to happen with my career this year?" Oddly, I have received two black cats, so that seems significant.


My husband says the parachute means I'm safe to take a chance. My daughter thinks the panther means I'm fierce. Do you have any thoughts?

Have a fabulous weekend!