Family Reunion (It's gonna be a good one!)

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I expect to be offline a lot through June so I thought I would post my excuses now. The main one is this:

My parents are celebrating their fiftieth wedding anniversary this year so my youngest sister (she's the cheeky looking one in yellow and green) is flying home from Australia (which she dares to call home these days, but let's not start any fights this early in the game.)

My middle sister, in blue, has recently moved to Winnipeg (Why, you ask? So does everyone. wink. Short answer: good job, cheap(er) real estate.) Me, I disappeared into my writing cave a long time ago and they are coaxing me out with promises of food, wine, and the adorable Aussie accents on my niece and nephew. Dad is growing out some mutton chops so we can recreate this photo and Mom figures she can still get into that Kate Jackson jump suit.

We also have a plethora, a gaggle, a murder of extended family and friends coming into town for a weekend party and, as if that's not enough fun to be had by all, my son is graduating, which will bring my husband's side into town as well.

If you've been following my newsletter--if you haven't, scroll down and join!--you know I've been gearing up for this. I have already sent in my March and June books to Presents (and had them accepted.) I'm finishing up my Christmas book for Tule, and I have a nice stretch before my next Presents is due. (I'm still hoping to write a thousand words a day. We'll see.)

I have books coming out on June 14th and July 1st, but I'm keeping promo activities light. I do have some great offers for you, though, so keep reading.


June 14th, Montana Born Firefighters

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I'm donating my author proceeds from pre-order sales of Scorch to the Red Cross Alberta Fires Appeal to help the tens of thousands of evacuees who fled the wildfire in Fort McMurray May 3rd. Many were asking for the Nook and Kobo links. They're below the image. Buy before June 14th to be included in the donation.

Learn more about the Fort McMurray fire and read the first two chapters of Scorch here.

Boxed Set - Sexy Summer Reads

I'm super stoked to see Taken By The Raider in this hot, fun boxed set of summer reading. Enjoy!

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Goodreads Giveaway

I just set up a giveaway for Bought By Her Italian Boss, but it doesn't start until June 10th. They wouldn't let me choose an earlier date. It will run until the 20th. I'm pasting the widget below for anyone who happens by between June 10-20...

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Bought by Her Italian Boss by Dani Collins

Bought by Her Italian Boss

by Dani Collins

Giveaway ends June 20, 2016.

See the giveaway details at Goodreads.

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Newsletter - Subscription Disruption

I found out mid-May that the sign up forms for my newsletter weren't working properly. A whole bunch of people signed up then didn't get the free download of Cruel Summer. I don't blame you for unsubscribing. I would have, too!

But if that was you and you still want Cruel Summer, it's working now! Please sign up again here. If you don't get a welcome email right away with the link to download, please email me off my contact page and I'll get it to you. Thanks!

I will check in regularly with email and with all of my social media sites. Do contact me if you have a question at any time. I will hopefully post photos through the month, but if I go silent, it means I'm playing with family (on the beach, if the weather holds!)

Take care and have a happy June!