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So much news! First, if you received my newsletter, you know I'm participating in a Christmas anthology with seven other authors called A Montana Born Christmas. I'm thrilled to see it's up for pre-order!

99c - Get yours now!

If you haven't read my Blame the Mistletoe, this is your chance to get it for 99c. If you have read it, look at all the other amazing authors you get. For 99c!

Quick links to pre-order A Montana Born Christmas for 99c:

Amazon: US | CA | UK | Aus
Kobo | iBooks | GooglePlay | Smashwords

Next, remember last week when I said I was waiting for the cover of my January book? It's here! What do you think? You'll have to trust me when I say this is a perfect depiction of Sandro and Octavia. If you haven't heard yet, it's Book One in a duet called The Wrong Heirs. It's a baby swap!

Read more about The Marriage He Must Keep here.

Want to pre-order? Here are your quick links:

The Marriage He Must Keep – Jan 2016
Amazon: US | CA | UK
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And here are the links for the second book (and baby!)

The Consequence He Must Claim – Feb 2016
Amazon: US | CA | UK
Nook | Kobo | iBooks | GooglePlay | BAM

In other news, I'll be participating in my first Tweet Chat on Tuesday, Sept 8th at 11:30 am (Central time. That's 9:30 Pacific, 12:30 Eastern) I've checked the time conversion three times. I hope I have it right! And I hope you'll join me!

Finally, just for fun, I made a playlist to go with CRUEL SUMMER. If you already subscribe to my newsletter, you should have your free download. If you want a free download, subscribe to my newsletter! You'll get the link to download it right away.


And if you love all the music mentioned in Cruel Summer, you can listen to the full playlist here.

That's it! I wrote this Thursday night, after running around all day dropping off copies of my Large Print and foreign editions to local libraries. I was thrilled that one wanted French, Spanish and Italian. I'm guessing it can be a challenge to find ESL reading material in rural locations like ours so I'm glad these went to good homes.

I don't have a lot of other news. I spent the last ten days of August planning my writing schedule through 2016. It's fairly solid. Not much wriggle room to add or change much! And it means that I have to knuckle down right away and start achieving all these goals I've set for myself.

So I'm planning to work even though it's Saturday. It's raining hard out there so that makes it easy. Have a great weekend.