Cover Reveal - More Than A Convenient Marriage?

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My week of vacation is winding down. My girlfriend and her kids have been in residence, helping me remember what it is to be human--as opposed to a seemingly permanent attachment to my laptop.

We've had lots of beach time and a bit of shopping, tons of good food and wine. I'd say perhaps too much of that good thing except we did boot camp twice (Ouch!) and yoga yesterday, so we've worked it off.

She hadn't seen Downton Abbey and I had only finished the first season, so I rewatched that with her and now she's hooked. Tonight is our last night, but also a bit of a send-off for my daughter who is leaving for University in September.

So we have a few heavy sighs happening.

Fortunately, I received the gorgeous new cover for my December book, More Than A Convenient Marriage? I'm really thrilled with it. What do you think of the angle? A bit different, isn't it?

My best guess is that they took the scene where Adara and Gideon climb down to a private beach in Greece. She's already asked for a divorce and while they're swimming reveals a really heart breaking secret.

I'm going to leave you with that tease for now. There will be a blog tour and I'll have lots of other insider info when that starts up, likely in October.

I've learned that the Release Dates are fluid. The book will start to go on sale in November, on Mills & Boon and eHarlequin. It will probably be on sale mid-November on Amazon, but it can be pre-ordered now if you want to skip the step of checking back to see when it's up. Looks like you save a buck or so if you buy now and this is a two for one so great value if you haven't read No Longer Forbidden?

Here's the back cover copy:

More than a Convenient Marriage?
It started with a signature
Rich, powerful, with a beautiful wife, Greek shipping magnate Gideon Vozaras has it all. Except, his perfect life is a facade....
Gideon can’t afford the public scrutiny of divorce, but if his past has taught him anything it’s to fight dirty to keep what’s his!

No Longer Forbidden?
The limits of his control
Rowan O’Brien is the only woman ever to have tempted Nicodemus Marcussen’s steely control— but she was always forbidden.
Years later, tragedy brings Rowan back into Nic’s life— and when deeply buried secrets begin to surface, they are forced to confront their darkest desires!