Cover Reveal and Bernadette Walsh

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Subscribers, if you receive this twice, my apologies. The link to the cover broke down so I've had to refresh it. Original post follows:

I've been going flat out at the day job, went to Head Office for two weeks even, and have come back to chaos all around. I have a deadline November 1st--still need to get my 1500 words written tonight--and have been stressing that I not forget I have an interview on Saturday evening with Nice Girls Reading Naughty Books. The timing looked tricky since my mom had invited us for a belated turkey dinner. Canadian thanksgiving was last week.

So, just to be sure we were a go, I emailed Bernadette this evening to confirm we'd be chatting on Saturday and she said, "Um, you mean tonight in eight minutes?"


But the nice thing about such a mix-up is that there was no time to work myself into nerves. It was done before I had time to think about whether it would go well and frankly, she's so easy to talk to, I feel like it went very well. Have a listen for yourself.

Meanwhile, I've been meaning to post the cover for my February book, A Debt Paid In Passion. Did I say it right on the air?

Have a great weekend.