Catching Up

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I'm in a bit of a scattered head space this morning. Saturdays are usually a head-down writing day. I wait all week for this stretch of hours where I can make serious progress on the current project. It's also rain/snowing right now and both kids are at work. No distractions. A perfect writing day in my books.

But I'm also at a point where I'm waiting for some feedback on a couple of things. I can start something new--great time for it, by the way, with the recent New Moon. I also have a dozen blog posts to write for May/Jun/Jul to promote my next Harlequin Presents, Proof Of Their Sin. (Ha! I just tried to link to its page on this site and discovered I have yet to make one. Here, read about it on Amazon and feel free to preorder, lol.)

I have two more books under contract that I could start and kinda did already. I have certain files I like to set up for each new project and some outlining tools that jump start my synopsis... I'm actually itching to get into three new stories, plus I have one unsold manuscript I want to review/revise and find a home for. Okay, three.

Then there's the social networking on the Facebook and Twitter. I'm nine friends away from 100 on my author page and only twenty-two short of 1000 on Twitter. A race worth watching, right?

I also started a Pinterest board, but please don't visit it. It's so spare. I'm hoping my daughter will take pity on me and offer to jazz it up, but since she has never bitten on my pleas for help with the Facebook or Twitter, I'm going to guess Pinterest will also never happen--which is a pity. She's good at it.

Oh, and I've begun looking for someone to design bookmarks and other promotional items. Tell me, are you into Romance Trading Cards? I love the idea and have some thoughts on how I'd like them to look for The Healer, but I don't know if anyone is clamouring for these so I'll need feedback from readers before I go to the time and expense. Let me know if you're keen.

I also have a workshop for RWA National to prepare and I'm on Beyond The Book Spotlight on Blog Talk Radio, with Evie, Sara, and Sasha tonight (April 13th) at 8pm PDT.

Did I mention my To Be Read pile? Nine in my office, two on the coffee table downstairs and one in the car. That doesn't include the marketing books.

You can see I'm not without Things To Do. Let's not even mention the Spring Cleaning needed around this house. Garage sale season is right around the corner and I'm determined to get rid of that telescope.

So, do you have an opinion? Please weigh in. Where should I spend my time?

Maybe I'll make lunch and think about it.