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First, a big thank you to you, Dear Reader!

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I try not to let rankings mean too much. I mean, if they're great, I feel great! But if they're not great, I die inside. So I try to keep myself sane by only peeking now and again. Fellow Presents author Jennifer Hayward actually tipped me off to this delightful position I'm in. I'm really (really, really!) thrilled--and grateful. It's all thanks to you, Dear Reader!

I missed posting last week. Sorry! And a second sorry for apologizing. I'm Canadian. It's what we do. A third apology because if I'd only come in here and looked, I had a BitesOfBooks from His Mistress With Two Secrets prepared. Doh!

Ah well, I'll save that for another day. The book doesn't officially release until next Saturday anyway. (Can't wait? Grab it direct from Mills & Boon or Harlequin.)

You can also download the Sauveterre Sampler and read the first two chapters from all for books. Instafreebie will ask you to join my newsletter, but you can unsubscribe anytime and if you're already a member, it won't duplicate.

I have been working really hard on the revisions for Book Four of the Sauveterres, Trella's story. It was kind of killing me, to be honest. Some books do that to you, but I'm happy with the end result. (Whew!)

Now I'm playing catch up starting with my own blog post and staring down at least three guest spots. If I owe you an email, I'm getting there! Lots going on behind the scenes. More news on that soon. Meanwhile...


This starts Monday the 27th, but I wanted to get it on here in case you've happened by while the contest is open.

This is my June book, not linked into the Sauveterres, but I hope you'll enjoy it!

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Xenakis's Convenient Bride

by Dani Collins

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Other News

On the home front, hubby has had his wrist surgery. We waited patiently all winter to have it scheduled before we booked a trip. When we finally had the date, it occurred to us there was no sense going somewhere beachy, like Hawaii, if he would have stitches and couldn't go in the water. So we waited until it was starting to heal--which was when we learned my passport had expired.

Now we're waiting for the renewal and, three days into official Spring, it was snowing again. I'm seriously going bananas.

At least when I'm stir crazy, I clean. My office is starting to look like a civilized place.

Have a great weekend!