Can't keep up? Me either.

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My daughter said one of her friends was not a good teenager because she often forgot to check Facebook or reply to texts. In fact, this particular girl was known to misplace her phone for days at a time. #TeenageGirlFail, right?

Well, I'm a terrible published author. Back in March I totally zoned on announcing The Healer in the newsletter for my writer's group (RWA-GVC). Thankfully, the kind editors there gave me a second chance. I also missed the Champagne newsletter for April and took my lumps on that one. Natural consequences, you know.

Today I realized I dropped the ball on announcing I was RomanceBeckons' Author Focus yesterday (Friday, April 26th) where I discuss writing for multiple genres (all romance) and how it came about. I'm not going to make excuses, but I will be proactive and remind you that I'll be chatting on LoveRomancesCafe next Friday (May 3rd) with the Fantasy Folk. There will be giveaways.

Now I'm going back to my revisions because I may be a #BadPublishedAuthor but I am a #DedicatedWriter.