Can't Get No Respect

So it's my day job to produce policy and procedure manuals and yesterday I reached a milestone with one.  I sent out an email (as per procedure) stating something along the lines of:

"This manual was recently reviewed.  You can view it by following this link."

The response via email this morning from a workmate?  "Who cares??!!??  (just kidding)"

She wasn't.  Not really.  I know the work I produce there is not exactly riveting.  No one browses my work titles and asks, "May I borrow this?  Gosh, I've been waiting forever for it."

It doesn't bother me.  Writing romance isn't exactly the quickest route to earning admiration and respect either.  Oh, I know if I actually sold a book I'd get a few impressed nods and hopefully an enthused readership among the already converted, but at this point my romance readership is about as far-reaching as my P&P readership, which is to say virtually non-existent.  Only people being paid to read are making the effort.

My only genuine audience is here - All eighteen of you hearty souls.  Have I thanked you lately?  :)
I thought I'd better.  You keep me from feeling like the proverbial tree in the forest.

Thank you, Dear Readers.  You make me feel like someone cares :)